Damn, the winter break sure went fast!

I'm an optimist

I’d like to cultivate some excitement for the new semester to inspire each of you who are embarking upon this adventure or are considering it.

Yes I would.

I have tried to manufacture that enthusiasm for about a week now.   I attempted to do this with a healthy regiment of denial that vacation is over, followed by the dread of the work before me and then an attempt to get excited for my new classes.

Repeat every four hours as symptoms persist.

I love school.  I could be a student forever.  Sometimes however I do not always enjoy the work that accompanies that commitment. 

Last semester was positively the worst that I can remember.  Because that memory did not yet have time to fade, it has tarnished my excitement for the beginning of this one. 

There is one glimmer of hope – I am excited for the line-up of professors that I have.  Unfortunately, I will be faced with journalism again.  While I do not have any fun confronting my weaknesses, I will try to remain positive that I can do better this term in journalism.  I am also excited for my PR class.  I hope to learn something that will translate to great success for my ScareMeNot team.  I do so love them.

If my blog posts become riddled with typos and become nonsensical – well more than usual – do not fret.  It just means that the semester is not turning out as I wished and I have resorted to drinking excessively as a coping mechanism.    

That’s how all college kids cope, right?  I am just trying to fit in.

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4 responses to “Damn, the winter break sure went fast!

  1. Say it with me Alicia… “snow day, snow day, snow day.” Now tap your snow boots together three times.

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