Morbid Thoughts

Our customary trip to the cemetery has evoked some deep thinking.  Brit always pays respects to her deceased relatives before she goes home.  This year I decided to visit my departed relatives as well.

I put the obligatory flower upon each gravesite.  This was a first for me.  I expected to be flooded with overwhelming emotion. Other than the name imprinted there, I felt no worldly connection with my grandparents through the viewing of the marked graves.  Perhaps like the headstones, I too am made of stone.   

As Brit’s visit progressed we had a great deal of fun.  We talked for hours and hours about everything under the sun. For the first time in years, we celebrated my birthday together. 

Later, I revisited my cemetery experience and tried to reconcile my feelings as I was looking at a group of the Adirondack Mountains that serve as the back drop to the Sacandaga Lake.  They are layered like an artichoke of purple and green mashed potato heaps.  The image of these beautiful mountains evokes tranquility in my body.  Even if I am not physically before them, the image is tattooed on my brain and I can close my eyes, imagine them before me and receive an instant calming benefit just from thinking about them.  As I sat entranced in my environment, I took a moment to muse about how something I hold so dear can enhance my perspective on any given day. 

This is my church.  If I ever want to feel connected with my deceased loved ones I need not visit the cemetery.

This thought led me to become transfixed on the question that vexes us all.  What is the purpose of the things that make humans so unique if the sum of them evaporates once we perish?  Our values, our emotion, our opinions our laughter and our voice just vanish.  Was there a value in the experience once it has passed?  What is the point, if when we are just getting the hang of this life and how to function comfortably and honorably within it, the time is up?

I certainly don’t have the answer, but I think it may lie partly within Bridgette’s visit.  I believe it is connecting with love ones, finding happiness in ordinary things, making your own luck and hoping that by doing so your leggacy* will take care of itself. 

*Alicia Legg.  Leggacy.   🙂

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  1. Shannon

    I love this one. I think it is my favorite. ❤

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