The Magic Box

I have this box the loft of my camp.  It is a trunk, really.  It is about 7 ½ years old and it has been locked shut for almost that long.  No one knows where the key is,  and no one knows what is inside. 

I have tried not to think about that box for the past 7 years and I must say I have been quite successful.  Until a little beautiful blue-eyed boy happened upon it and couldn’t resist the mystery.  He was also motivated by the fact that he had a use for this chest and needed the lock opened and the contents removed.  He is in a pirate phase and this “treasure chest” fits right into some scheme that he has cooking in his world of make believe. 

He has bugged me for more than a week to open it.  Today I finally acquiesced. 

This trunk belonged to my Poppy, my paternal grandfather.  He was quite sick and in a nursing home for the last couple of years of his life.  His mental faculties were quite well considering he was confined to a wheelchair and had suffered 9 consecutive strokes.  The staff in the nursing home would take a liking to his belongings and often they would turn up missing.  He requested a locking storage unit and I bought him this trunk on his last Christmas.  That is probably how I ended up with it again, but I simply don’t remember. 

My husband and my son just took the trunk to a neighbor’s house since he had the tools to cut that lock.  In the woods up here at camp, I heard the snap of the lock echo against the trees.  That was all it took for the tears to start.

I just realized as I was typing this that I realized that today marks the 7th anniversary of his death.  The universe works in strange ways. 

Here I sit, waiting with dread to sift through the contents of that chest. 

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3 responses to “The Magic Box

  1. Dierdre Petee

    Although the box clearly is symbolic of much more than worldly treasures to you, and I have to admit I DID tear up a bit when I first read this, I still think you’ve kept us in suspense long enough! What was in the box?

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