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New Website!

I am so excited the launch of my new website! Check it out: The design was created by my beautiful friends, Liviu and Aline


Here you can see Aline actually hand drawing the art for the site.  Isn’t that amazing?   

God bless Liviu for his endless patience and his amazing website expertise.   I am just so grateful to them both, because I love what they did for me.

A warm thank you goes out to Joan Hefler for her beautiful pictures as well.

Now I will officially be blogging from this site.  If you are receiving this message from an e-mailed blog subscription, it will be your last unless you subscribe to my new blog site.  I know you couldn’t live a full and happy life without my periodic posts, so here is the link  to subscribe to the new blog so can continue to receive your updates when I post without interruption. 

Important:  After you sign up for the blog subscription, you will have to respond to the e-mail that FeedBurner sends you to validate that subscription.

Thank you to all of my dedicated followers who have followed me for almost a year now.  I can’t believe a year has passed already.  My new semester has begun.  Here in the Northeast, we have been just pounded by an obnoxious amount of snow and already school has been cancelled twice and it just started.  Yet already there are so many things I wish to share with you, about school and the ScareMeNots. 

I am looking forward to sharing a great year with each of you in 2011.

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Damn, the winter break sure went fast!

I'm an optimist

I’d like to cultivate some excitement for the new semester to inspire each of you who are embarking upon this adventure or are considering it.

Yes I would.

I have tried to manufacture that enthusiasm for about a week now.   I attempted to do this with a healthy regiment of denial that vacation is over, followed by the dread of the work before me and then an attempt to get excited for my new classes.

Repeat every four hours as symptoms persist.

I love school.  I could be a student forever.  Sometimes however I do not always enjoy the work that accompanies that commitment. 

Last semester was positively the worst that I can remember.  Because that memory did not yet have time to fade, it has tarnished my excitement for the beginning of this one. 

There is one glimmer of hope – I am excited for the line-up of professors that I have.  Unfortunately, I will be faced with journalism again.  While I do not have any fun confronting my weaknesses, I will try to remain positive that I can do better this term in journalism.  I am also excited for my PR class.  I hope to learn something that will translate to great success for my ScareMeNot team.  I do so love them.

If my blog posts become riddled with typos and become nonsensical – well more than usual – do not fret.  It just means that the semester is not turning out as I wished and I have resorted to drinking excessively as a coping mechanism.    

That’s how all college kids cope, right?  I am just trying to fit in.

Pictures taken from Google Images


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I wish I was as pretty as my facebook picture

After many years, I was reunited with a childhood friend.  Her children and my son attend the same school – so I see her every day. 

One morning we began chatting about some of our other friends from high-school.  One of them in particular looks fabulous now.  FABULOUS!  Even better than she ever did in high-school.  I’d love to hate her for it if I didn’t love her so much.  I mean how does that happen?

Discussing this made me acutely aware that the same could not be said of me.  My idea of primping is a comb through the hair and a quick application of mascara as I am driving.  Honestly, I rarely go through all that trouble.  As I stood speaking to my high school friend, I was in ripped jeans, a sweatshirt, hair in haphazardly piled atop of my head, no make-up and sleep marks still on my face.  Lovely.  If any beauty routine requires more than 3 consecutive minutes of my time, is highly unlikely that I will stick to it on a regular basis.

Over the holidays when I ran into a guy I used to date, I regretted that I never put more effort into that area.  He looked great.  I didn’t.  Ugh.

As my friend and I stood outside of my son’s school, we started discussing some of the people that we lost touch with and as we went through the list, I realized that all of these flippin people looked great.  And you know how I know this – because I have a Facebook account.  Facebook, where we all look like supermodels and rock stars. 

I have a friend who is gorgeous.  When we go out people stare at her – she is that beautiful, and she always looks great.  But when I “tag” a picture of her on Facebook, she instantly un-tags herself if it isn’t what she considers a perfect picture.  She drives me nuts with this.  Then I realized that I do the same thing.  I really don’t care what I look like or what people think of me in real life, but on Facebook, I care a great deal.  Why is that?

The whole population would really be a lot better looking if we put the same amount of effort in ourselves as we do on our FB profile picture.

Myself included.


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Where have you been?

You must be thinking – hey, Alicia!  Where the heck have you been?  Whatcha been up to?

I am excited to announce that I have just become part of something pretty cool.  I am the newest member of the ScareMeNot team.

And this is how this beautiful tale unfolded:  I have to create a “capstone” in order to graduate.  This is where we pull together all that we have learned in the master’s program into one large project to showcase our newly acquired knowledge.    

So my awesome professor (to whom I owe my second born – I can’t part with the first) introduced me to her friend who created ScareMeNots.  Maybe I could help them and somehow craft a capstone out of it.

The website said they were Monster’s for your Monsters – something you could give to your child as a protector of night-time fears.  Sounded like a good concept. 

Then they gave me a couple of these monsters to bring home to my son.  This is the child who has been driving my husband and I completely bonkers at bedtime because he is afraid of things lurking in the dark.  My son instantly loved these cuddly guys.  When he went to bed that night with a firm grip on Guardian Gus and Knockout Ned he didn’t say a word about the room being too dark.  Ten minutes later, he was asleep like a baby.  And so it went each night as our collection of ScareMeNots continued to grow.

Do something for me, I will be grateful.  Help my son in some way, hell I’m yours forever. 

And that is how ScareMeNots became my new religion. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out the FAVORITE.

It really helps that I absolutely love every member of the team. I feel like an adopted member of their family.  

Here is the coolest part.  Mark my words now – this is going to be the next big thing. Each day we are planning and strategizing the future of the ScareMeNots and I get to be a part of it!

One of the team members is the former Creative Director of Warner Brothers and DC Comics.  He is responsible for everything BATMAN for the last ten years.  And I get to work with him! 

We will be creating bedtime stories called ScareMeNot Bedtime “Tails”, Twitter “Tails”, and so much more. 

Recently I have thought to myself;  I get to work with really great people (one of whom is a superhero) and do something I love.  Can someone pinch me? 

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter because soon we are going to be announcing the launch and man you won’t want to miss it.


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2010 in review

Happy New Year to each of you!  Ahhh… a fresh start is so invigorating.  I believe that humans thrive because of the celebration of a new year.  It is a great way to be new again.  Even though arguably, nothing is different from the day before, something switches in my mind and I am suddenly fresh with energy, inspiration and possibilities.  A new year white washes over anything unpleasant in the same way that freshly fallen snow creates a marvelous beauty.

It is fun to plan and dream of what will fill this white canvas of year 2011. 

I have more of a “To Do” list for 2011 and less of a resolution list.  While I am not a resolutions kind of girl, I am a big believer in having goals.  Naturally, I want to create world peace, and eat more carrot sticks in the oh so realistic endeavor of being as skinny as a Victoria secret model, but this list below falls a lot more in line with my personality.

  • Get together more with people I love for no reason at all.
  • Work hard at things I absolutely love.
  • Making more time to sit on the carpet inventing imaginative creations with Legos and a beautiful blue-eyed boy.
  • Read some really good books.  Like the kinds that you wish your life would stop so you could just go back to reading.  The kind that you miss the characters after the book has ended. Know any like that?  I am all up for suggestions.
  • Break up the everyday routine by drinking wine with meals and toasting to the one I love.

Cliché?  Oh yes, but so wonderful.

I am thinking of what will become of my blog for 2011.  As I was pondering that subject, WordPress sent me a retroactive look at my blog in 2010.  It was fun to look back and I hope you enjoy it too. 

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

About 3 million people visit the Taj Mahal every year. This blog was viewed about 29,000 times in 2010. If it were the Taj Mahal, it would take about 4 days for that many people to see it.

In 2010, there were 109 new posts, not bad for the first year! There were 167 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 97mb. That’s about 3 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was August 28th with 634 views. The most popular post that day was Illegal Nocturnal Activities.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for magic box, the magic box, box magic and kindergarten.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Illegal Nocturnal Activities August 2010


The Magic Box July 2010


Quite a week June 2010


Social Media – Love it? Hate it? Inquiring minds want to know May 2010


Who ever heard of a stomach flu in July! July 2010


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Uncle Garry and the Heartbreakers

In August, I wrote a blog post about my Uncle Garry.  I am thinking of him with love tonight and want to repost this again today.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

This summer, we went to see my Uncle Garry play in his band at the Broadalbin Hotel in Broad Albin by Sacandaga Lake.  He plays every Sunday.  The audience was a bit older than we were, but that didn’t stop one spry fellow to demonstrate his dancing prowess by throwing (literally) his dance partners during the square dance routine.  I am admittedly not versed in the art of square dancing, but up until that night I was not aware that there was a move that required the female partner to become airborne.  After a mild injury and an angry wife’s wrath (who was not the woman he was throwing up in the air) the fellow was persuaded to conclude this activity.  It was a HOOT.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had such a good time at this event!   My uncle has played guitar his whole life, yet as I sat there, I couldn’t remember ever hearing him play.  It was so nice just to watch him.  About six songs into the set, Uncle Garry started to sing.  Sing!  All of the ladies got really quiet and started “shushing” people so they could listen.  All at once I could see why.  Uncle Garry has got a set of pipes on him.  Dang, that boy can sing.  How had I missed this for so long!? 

Take a listen.  I am no videographer (obviously) so I apologize for the terrible quality.  

It is only a matter of time before Jay Leno sees this. 

What I loved about the evening is seeing a side of my Uncle that I could appreciate as an adult.  I love this guy and I am so glad to see him doing something that he loves so much and is so darned good at. 

To some he may just be an average Joe, but to many he is a celebrity in the Adirondacks

But more importantly, he is my uncle, who I love very much.  I am thinking of him tonight with love and prayers.


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Love for Thanksgiving; an acquired taste

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day for so many reasons but for a long time it was my least favorite holiday.  It is the day when lots of unresolved family issues have a way of bubbling to the surface.  For a long time, I associated this day with family quarrels. Until one year I spent it alone with my high-school boyfriend.  We had steak.  Hands down, that was the best Thanksgiving ever. That handsome young buck is now my husband.

Years later a new tradition began.  My friend Alex would always come into town the day before Thanksgiving.  It would be the one day of the year that we’d go out, catch up and have a few drinks together.  For those few years Thanksgiving was synonymous with hangover. 

One year we had our pre-Thanksgiving festivities at home.  My aunt came over with my family and our friends.  It was our mission to make pies for the next day.  I don’t know if it was the new Kitchen-Aid mixer or the flow of the merlot, but we couldn’t stop.  We were preparing dessert for a crew of 16, yet we ended up with 19 pies.  That’s a lot O’ pie.

My uncle and my husband were not quite entertained by the fact that our alcohol fueled baking spree did produce a bounty of dessert… and a kickin’ hangover.  It was a quiet dinner that year. 

As we got older and children entered the picture, my friend Alex and I saw each other less and our Wednesday before Thanksgiving activities stopped.  I haven’t cooked a holiday meal in a few years. 

I don’t hate this holiday anymore.  As I snuggled up on couch this morning, watching the Macy’s parade with my husband and my son, I realized that this holiday isn’t all bad.  It is just like everything in life – it is what you make of it.  Although it will be different each year, some things will remain the same.  Thanksgiving means taking the time to spend with those that you love and considering what you are truly grateful for.  Even if what you are truly grateful for is aspirin and alka seltzer.

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A sure fire way to win a Pulitzer Prize

In our journalism class, our professor asked an ethical question:

If you were a journalist and saw a man set himself on fire, would you help him or would you record the story?

WHAT?!!  Is this even a question?

Apparently it is.  Some journalists will capture a story without helping a victim and do so without the slightest regret.  Based on the discussion that ensued after the question was posed, it seems that this practice is quite common.  The examples of these horrific acts were numerous.

Are these people human?  Is this what it has come to?  If I want to be successful journalist and win a prestigious award, I would not interfere with a person who needs immediate help.  I would stand by, record the suffering, watch the death while cold blood pumps through my heart in my empty tin chest just so I can further my career. 

There should be a human cruelty law against this practice.  It’s sickening.


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The walk of an angry, premenstrual psychopath

Last week I became a published journalist!  Woot, woot!  An article I wrote ended up on the Times Union website.  Very exciting.  It was no easy task.

A story I had read really got me irritated.  Here is the article. It seems that my fellow Saint Rose students are suspected of repeatedly damaging school property to keep a shortcut intact.

I was annoyed that my fellow classmates would destruct property just so they could create a short cut.  The more I thought of it, it just didn’t seem right.  There just had to be more to it.

Then I read the sentence where the student said that the short cut saved her a “solo walk down Partridge” street.  Hmmm…

I go to school at night when it is dark.  I park right next to the school.  I pump myself up before I get out of the car the way that Rocky Balboa does before a fight.  I listen to work-out music to psyche myself up for the well-lit walk of oh about 50 feet into the building.  When I get out, I put my angry face on, shoulders back and walk into class like an angry, premenstrual psychopath.  This is my way to ward off any potential predators.  I stare down strangers with a psychotic gaze that dares them to mess with me.

If I had to take an evening stroll longer than my 50 foot maximum I would probably drop out of school.

So this fence cutting sport had me intrigued and I decided to scratch a little deeper.

The roads around our campus have had a history of crime.  I wondered if anyone was using this shortcut as a way to get on to school grounds as quickly as possible and to avoid a walk on the street.

Seems I was right.  That is what motivated me to write this article.  Here is the article.

I wonder if the students will take action and what the school will do in response.  It would make for a great follow-up story.

What do you think?  Who is being irresponsible here, the students or the school?

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Ode to the laundry

I have so much going on now that things are starting to slip.  Some days it is so challenging to balance it all.  For example yesterday, I was looking for my favorite wool sweater and I just couldn’t find it.  Last night, I found it in the washing machine.

Look how cute it is.  It is so small it is absurd.  As a frame of comparison, I have a normal sized sweater on the left.  I am actually quite impressed with how small wool gets when water hits it. What would have happened if I wore it during a rain storm?

All of this inspired me to write a ballad to my arch-enemy… the laundry.  I have several evil villains in the domestic category, so I suspect that the “Ode’s” will be a recurring theme in this blog.

Ode to the laundry

This arranged marriage of necessity
Is not really working out for me
Your incessant demand for attention creates quite a calamity

The wash… the fold
It is all getting really old

You rebel with missing socks
And wool sweaters that shrink… A LOT

An unwanted wrinkle if kept waiting too long
Forces me to resort to the dreaded iron

A hidden red in a load of whites
Oh, I am on to you alright

I fantasize of having an affair
With the Wash N’ Fold in the market square

The clean smell, the happy faces
Of the patrons leaving these places

One day I’ll poke in and inquire
To free myself of this burdensome mire

The daydream of something new
Sure beats the misery of tending to you

Oh the temptation… the desire
Makes my pulse quicken, my heart afire

Yet since my wallet is thin,
I’ll find myself content with you again.

With my ball and chain I will keep my wishes at bay,
I shall toil and fold and put away
All while dreaming of a better day


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