I wish I was as pretty as my facebook picture

After many years, I was reunited with a childhood friend.  Her children and my son attend the same school – so I see her every day. 

One morning we began chatting about some of our other friends from high-school.  One of them in particular looks fabulous now.  FABULOUS!  Even better than she ever did in high-school.  I’d love to hate her for it if I didn’t love her so much.  I mean how does that happen?

Discussing this made me acutely aware that the same could not be said of me.  My idea of primping is a comb through the hair and a quick application of mascara as I am driving.  Honestly, I rarely go through all that trouble.  As I stood speaking to my high school friend, I was in ripped jeans, a sweatshirt, hair in haphazardly piled atop of my head, no make-up and sleep marks still on my face.  Lovely.  If any beauty routine requires more than 3 consecutive minutes of my time, is highly unlikely that I will stick to it on a regular basis.

Over the holidays when I ran into a guy I used to date, I regretted that I never put more effort into that area.  He looked great.  I didn’t.  Ugh.

As my friend and I stood outside of my son’s school, we started discussing some of the people that we lost touch with and as we went through the list, I realized that all of these flippin people looked great.  And you know how I know this – because I have a Facebook account.  Facebook, where we all look like supermodels and rock stars. 

I have a friend who is gorgeous.  When we go out people stare at her – she is that beautiful, and she always looks great.  But when I “tag” a picture of her on Facebook, she instantly un-tags herself if it isn’t what she considers a perfect picture.  She drives me nuts with this.  Then I realized that I do the same thing.  I really don’t care what I look like or what people think of me in real life, but on Facebook, I care a great deal.  Why is that?

The whole population would really be a lot better looking if we put the same amount of effort in ourselves as we do on our FB profile picture.

Myself included.


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15 responses to “I wish I was as pretty as my facebook picture

  1. Vinny

    I’ve seen you in person and I’ve seen older pictures of you from ‘the day’. I can say without a compromise in any of my integrity that I disagree 100%

    I think my wife and I agree that you are gorgeous – a genuine hottie. You look great in jeans or a bikini and what’s more important you’re a blast to be around. That’s a bonus that most so-called babes cannot claim.

    So there you have it, from an outsider’s pint of view. Your friend may be gorgeous, too, but you ain’t chopped liver baby. You get a 9 out of 10. Sorry, but 10 has been taken and she’s with me 🙂

    • Well damn, Vinny that was so nice I don’t even know how to respond. I love that you said 10 is with you. So sweet! This post wasn’t a feel sorry for myself kind of thing fishing for compliments – I was just marveling at how I place value on something so superficial but none in real life. Kind of funny isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Melissa

    I can not NOT post this comment…you sell yourself way too short there miss. You are stunning. I have seen pictures of you on Facebook whereby you look uh-maze-ing (the one with the scarf is my favorite – I want an 8×10). I have also seen you in person whereby (not afraid to use that twice) you look beautiful, put together and so very youthful. I am not looking for brownie points because you love me already – ha ha. You, my friend, have my envy…quick mascara and hair up you still are wonderful!

    • I think that this came out wrong – I am not fishing for compliments. I was just observing the comedy that is my life. I will primp for a FB pic, but not to go to Target. Isn’t that nuts?! Don’t even get me started with Skype. I hate skype. So unforgiving.
      Thanks for the kind words. When I come over for coffee, and you see me in person with the lovely pony tail, you will eat them.
      BTW – you are the fabulous friend I referenced. 🙂 Have a great day.

      • Melissa

        I know you aren’t fishing for them…that’s not you. I just think you had inaccuracies…I say this in a purely positive light!!!!!! I felt that I should have added more, such as the fact that you are soooo right. I had to approve every picture that Jerry posted on FB during our vacation. I was not happy at all about the Skpe pic he posted. I thought I looked horrible…my hair was not brushed and I had jammy pants on and I didn’t match. Here’s the irony you had pointed out…I went into SEVERAL gas stations and Wendy’s looking like that!!!!!!!!! BUT by God, I was so upset about the pic on Facebook. You are so dead on with this topic.

        And thank you for the kind words.

  3. Skype is my new nemesis! I have to close out the video window periodically when I am Skyping so that I don’t see myself – or I find myself fixing my hair instead of paying attention to the other person. “Oh Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest Skyper of them all?” I really have to find a way to only view the person I am Skyping with. As soon as the Skype is over – hair is back up!

  4. Uncle Al

    Okay Alicia, since you’re not fishing for compliments, I’m not going to give you any! 😛 Besides, the other comments said it as well as I could. I do have a theory about your observation though. Pictures are forever, especially ones posted on the internet. You never know who is going to see them. Who wants a skanky picture of themselves out there for all the world to see?

  5. Uncle Al

    Not me! I can’t suck it in far enough to make a difference so I just avoid mirrors altogether! I do make an attempt in pictures though 🙂

  6. Uncle Al

    Most of us have our little vanities. As long as you don’t end up on this website, I think you’re doing okay!


    • Uncle Al, I have spent WAY too much time on this site today. It is HYSTERICAL. The pajama jeans! Man, I haven’t laughed like that in ages. And I did receive favorable mention on this site. I am picture number 5 – don’t you recognize me? ha ha ha! I am going to be laughing for a while. Did you see the WTF tatoos?! Good stuff.

      • Kristy

        Did you say pajama jeans?? I’m gonna have to go check that out, it very well could be my hubby! LOL

        I have to agree with this, and must say, it all started with the digital camera…in my opinion. In the “old days” (are we old enough to say that yet??), we didn’t get to see the pictures instantly and decide whether or not we needed a re-take…or ten! Haha!

        You’re right – Melissa sure looks fabulous!!! She is radiant! Love it!! And I know you’ve already said that you weren’t fishing for compliments, but YOU always had that natural beauty, and a big, beautiful smile…and a personality/presence that evoked that you love to live life. 😉

        And now, I will go primp my face just in case someone in my family feels the need to take a picture of me that they might want to put on Facebook, since all I did today was drive kids back & forth to school with no makeup on and my hair clipped up. 😉

  7. nicole wise

    hahahaha..just read your blog and I do the same thing!! It drives my mom crazy when I ask her not to post a pic or not to tag me in them. As women we are so critical of ourselves and I have to remember that pictures only show the outside. How many “beautiful” people do we know that when you meet them their personality brings them down a few pegs! Besides, when I look at you all I see is the kid I knew in elementary school..we’ve never aged. lol

    • Nicole – you said it. I know exactly what you are talking about. It also happens the opposite way too. Like if someone is just kind of pretty and then you get to know her and suddenly she becomes beautiful. Speaking of elementary school some of our former classmates have scanned in pictures and put them on facebook. It is quite a laugh!

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