Musings of the handicapped

I have allowed myself become handicapped by technology.  Let me explain.

I needed to get some writing done the other day and my family wanted to go to the beach.  Perfect!  I always feel inspired at the beach.

I just don’t think it is an ideal place for a laptop – especially not with a six-year-old. 

There are very few material things I value: the charms on my necklace, my wedding rings, an alligator picture my son made, and my laptop.


It is not expensive or fancy; it just gives me the freedom and the capacity to do lots of stuff wherever I go.

So I take my pen and a pad to the beach.


‘Cept I am not used to writing – with a pen anymore.  I type a lot more quickly than it takes me to write something.   By the time I write something out long hand, I have forgotten half of it.  I even type my shopping list.

So I am writing to this to you now on a pad on a dock with the intention to type it out later.  The paper is a mess. 

I miss my backspace key, but I think the trade-off is well worth it. 


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6 responses to “Musings of the handicapped

  1. I use cut and paste so much that I’d be forced to bring scissors and glue to the beach!

  2. Dierdre Petee

    Awesome and inspiring post! Last night I wrote a 10-page, single spaced letter – LONG HAND!!! Wow, talk about hand cramps! I think I’d get carpal tunnel after just a few days of writing by hand the volume that I put out on my laptop. By comparison, I can go hours on my laptop without tiring or cramping… But you’re right, it’s not like I’d trust my laptop on the beach… then again, when I’m at the beach, it’s the last place I’m going to be writing! Drinking maybe, but definitely not writing! 😉

  3. I carry a small notebook and pen in my purse so that I can jot things down as they come to me. I like being able to write when out of doors; It is definitely a slower process and there is need to shake out the writing hand with regularity if one is writing a long piece.

    • That is a great idea. I find that sometimes I cannot decifer my own handwriting. It is a lost art and one I must continue to work at if I intend to use the outdoors as inspiration – which I do! Love your comments!

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