Illegal Nocturnal Activities

Oh no you didn’t. 

Oh yes we did.

Despite that Bridgette’s family has not held the deed to this home for years we decided to visit, dig up some lilies and head back out.

At 9:00 at night we drive straight to the Home Depot and buy a LARGE shovel.  I wanted a little one to be less conspicuous – she wanted a big one to get the job done quicker and this was a source of heated debate in the garden section for several minutes.  Punctuating the fact that she determined the conversation was concluded, she swung the LARGE shovel over her one shoulder, pretty purse on the other, and we began to receive interesting looks from the workers and the other late night patrons.  I can’t understand why.  Two women in Home Depot on a mission to buy a LARGE shovel, and only a large shovel, at 9:00 PM hardly seems normal.  After the 3rd gaping stare, Brit looks at me and loudly says, “What are we going to do if the Cemetery is closed?”

Why they sold us this shovel, I will never know. 

We hop back in the car, and head to our childhood home.  It felt like we should have parked in the driveway and headed right back up the back stairs.  Instead of sneaking in some boons farm wine – this time we have graduated to a new level of dubious activities.  Stealing lilies. 

We circle the block like Bonnie and Clyde as we “case the joint”.   We park the car, get out dig up 2 lily plants, (of the hundreds of lilies that were there) put them in a Stewarts plastic bag, tidy up the spot, jump back in the car and head out.  Took about 3 minutes.  Just a day in my life. 

Here is how I worked this out:  Brit misses her grandmother and she remembers the day her grandmother planted those flowers.  They spread like wildfire.  The house is largely unkempt because it is a rental property now and it is for sale.  I hardly think the owner or the renters will miss two of those bulbs.  They will proliferate again next year.  Brit just wants a living piece of her grandmother close to her. These lilies fill that gap.  I get that. 

When the home finally lands again in the hands of a loving owner, Brit and I will return and pay it back our misdeed by giving them a purple lilac bush so it will flourish in their yard.  It will be nice to have next owner know how their home was loved by its previous occupants.  Maybe that will make up for the fact that their attic loft may or may not be partially insulated with empty beer cans.


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3 responses to “Illegal Nocturnal Activities

  1. Brit

    I know I was there but this is making me laugh so hard! Thank you for all the joy you bring me! Love you!

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