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Garage to Glory

CrewI am very excited today.  Today we are recording a live show at St. Rose.  It is called Garage to Glory.  The Times Union and St. Rose are working together to host a competition where local music groups compete for the top prize.  The top prize for the winning group is a music video and a CD.  We will be streaming live tonight starting at 7:00.  My new friend, Dan Fogarty will be the host for the evening! 

I am thrilled to be a part of this.  If all goes well, I will be the one putting up the names on the screen of the bands as they go on stage.  At least you know who to blame if that doesn’t happen. 

It should be really cool – so check it out tonight.  The live streaming link is below. 



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Hiding in the back row – my new coping mechanism

I have decided that the only way I am going to be able to cope with this “Digital Media Communications” class is slinking in the shadows so I can observe until I feel more comfortable in actually participating.  I feel comforted by this new plan.

My professor picked up on this the way a shark smells fresh blood.  It was about three minutes into the class when he looks me dead in the eye and says, “Alicia, you need the experience.  Why don’t you shoot this one?”

Well professor, here’s why:  You see I can’t right now because my heart is beating so loud and so fast that I can barely hear you and I am preparing for cardiac arrest.  It’s just my age finally catching up with me you see. 

I don’t say this.  I get up.  Now everyone is looking at me. The guy who does nothing but text the entire class (he didn’t read the syllabus to know this is highly frowned upon) has even put his I-phone down.  I am certain I am wearing the wrong clothes that the catty girls will make fun of.  Man this feels a lot like fifth grade.  I hated fifth grade. 

I am shaking.  The professor tells me that the camera equipment I am about to handle is only worth about $7,000, so please be careful. Oh my god, that is more than my tuition!  Goody. Did I mention grace is not my strong suit?

I was up half the night after I put my son to bed reading the syllabus and watching training videos for this class. Why can’t I remember how to turn this thing on?  I am sweating. 

Someone else was assigned to help me.  We fumbled together and we got through it.  I barely remember all of it looking back on it now.  It took me about a half hour to stop shaking.

After it was over, coming through this terrifying experience made me feel really good.  I don’t want the professor to know that though, because I don’t want to encourage him that his “tough love” is actually working.


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