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Submitting an application doesn’t mean acceptance

We all deserve a big smack in the face once in a while to ground us in reality.  That smack came for me when a pleasant woman from The Saint Rose Graduate Admissions Office called me.  She was so polite but I got the feeling that she wanted to say something like, “Did you really think you could get into the Creative Writing program here?  Seriously?”

She didn’t say that.  She didn’t even tell me that I was denied.  She simply stated that I didn’t have enough credits in English to go directly into the Creative Writing Program.  She told me that I could take a few more undergrad classes to be considered.  Yuck. 

I am sure this denial had nothing to do with my WINNING (and not at all arrogant or delusional) essay that I wrote to the admissions office.  Nah.  Couldn’t be.

However, she was so kind.  She suggested if I was interested in writing, I should take a serious look at the communications program that was really writing intensive.  All I had to do was write a new essay to say why I would like to enter the Communications program to be considered for acceptance.

Bummer.  Now what?


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