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Alicia’s TV Interview with Phil Bayly at WNYT

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the WNYT studios in Menands, New York to speak to Phil Bayly about my book, No Adult Left Behind.  This was great fun and was a big help in my quest to find the right publisher for my book.  Elaine Houston had referred me to him and he graciously asked me on his show. 

Please take a look:

What do you think?


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The time is ripe to go back to school

I met with Elaine Houston and much to my disappointment Oprah Winfrey has not yet called.  Nor has Ellen DeGeneres.  I keep checking the dial tone on my phone to make sure it hasn’t malfunctioned.

Why aren’t they calling?  😉

I really don’t know what is next to be honest.  I am glad to have found a passion, even if it was so late in my life.  I want to be an advocate for the adult learner.  As the over thirty crowd find themselves back at school we will all start to witness what has already started to occur – the average age of a “traditional student” will become older.  The age demographic will be much more blended.  Our nation is depressed.  The number of Americans who are still without work are alarmingly high. 

It is scary for people without degrees.  Corporate America has a prejudice against them.  As a former HR professional for a global company – I know it firsthand.  Adults without college degrees know how to survive.  These are the individuals doing the real work, the hard work and never get compensated nearly enough for it.  These are the people that can budget, raise a family on a shoestring and juggle a checkbook that may often be balanced with red ink.  Yes, they are scrappy.   They know how to survive, but rarely can thrive.  I know.  Personally.

Now it is time to develop a movement.  To get every person who is unhappy with their job, sick of being mistreated by their bosses, sitting at home unemployed or just simply bored to go back to school.  That is what my book is about.  My book is only the beginning.  The beginning of awareness, what comes next is the creation of national organization that supports adult learning, and a change in the way the colleges recruit and support adult students.  

This is a movement that is about to happen whether or not you and I are a part of it. Adults are flocking back to school regardless of their age to improve their lives and the lives of their families.  There are many more to come.  Wouldn’t it be exciting to be part of it? 

You may know someone who wants to go back to school.  I see them everywhere – the Clinique counter, the grocery store, the unemployment training office and in the faces of my family and friends.  You may be that person. 

I want to help each of these people. 

So, Oprah and Ellen haven’t called yet.  And I am just kidding you in my delusion that they ever will. We can use social media to our advantage though and spread the word.  If you are thinking of going back to school or know someone who is – then read my sample chapters. 


Pass it to someone who is considering going to college.  Give me some HONEST feedback.  I want to get it just right so I can really help people.


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Elaine Houston Arrives

Elaine Houston made an appointment to come to my house last Wednesday. I can’t believe it was only one week ago today. She is prettier in person and taller too. It was so intimidating to have her right here in my computer room. She had a really nice fellow who was her camera man to shoot the interview. I have a new respect for the job of a camera man, seeing as I still fumble through the most basic of tasks with camera equipment. I watched him in awe that he could handle this equipment with a grace that I will never possess.

Even though I spent the rest of the afternoon wishing I had answered some of the questions differently, the interview all and all was exciting. I mean, I got to meet Elaine Houston. Too cool. Elaine sent a different camera crew to my school that night to take some “b – roll” which is some background footage that will roll when Elaine is narrating the story. I didn’t know this ahead of time. I must be a serious disappointment to my professor.  My professor was really cool about all of this and had not problem letting the camera crew in his class to do this. As coincidence would have it, my professor worked with these guys for most of his career. It was like a reunion for them. All of it was a really great experience. It was an honor to be featured on their news program.

It is my deep unyielding hope that some publisher or literary agent will come across this and decide (as I did many years ago) that the world simply cannot live another day without my book. I believe in the book, and I believe in the need for it. I hope others will one day too.

If you have ever been on TV, then you may know the horror of seeing yourself. Wishing that you said something differently, becoming annoyed with the fact that all of your “cute” idiosyncrasies were, in fact captured on camera for the world to see and really aren’t all that cute. Despite all of this, WNYT did an amazing job of editing and pulling it all together.

Here’s the clip: http://wnyt.com/article/stories/S1589779.shtml?cat=11883


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Elaine Houston!

Once Rebecca sent out five PR releases to promote my book on my behalf, she warned me that this will likely not be fruitful, but it was a great start.  I was hardly prepared to receive an e-mail from Rebecca just four days later indicating that Elaine Houston would like to speak to me on Memorial Day via telephone to interview me about my book.

Elaine Houston is our local news anchor at WNYT.  I watch her every evening that I watch the news.  She is about as real to me as Oprah Winfrey – someone you love and watch with great dedication but you never really dream you will be able to meet her.

I read the e-mail from Rebecca, and I read it again.  I sat dumbfounded at the screen of my computer as if I have forgotten how to comprehend the English language, because it is just not sinking in.   So I read the e-mail out loud.  That helped. 

I bolted out of my chair and ran through the house like a screaming banshee – “Elaine Houston, wants to interview me, Elaine Houston wants to interview me!”  My six year old son gets so excited and joins in by yelling jumping and running through the house as well.  Understandably, my husband has no idea what is going on.  Neither did my son, but he was just excited for the license to act like a dork since Mommy was doing it.  What a sight.

I settle down, and then call Rebecca so we can be excited together.  She makes sure that I understand though – that this is no guarantee.  This is just a telephone interview and does not equate to a television spot.

So now the pressure is on… I must sound halfway intelligent which is so hard to do when you are nervous. 

Despite a stuttering start on my part, it went well.  So well in fact, that Elaine Houston asked if she could come to my home with a camera crew to interview me on camera!

When I called Rebecca that night – she threw caution to the wind.  She finally gave me the permission to be excited. 

Boy oh boy, I sure was.


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