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Elated student on summer vacation!!

What exactly happens when you have set up a blog intended to chronicle your life as an adult student and then summer vacation rolls around?  I guess you are about to find out! 

I can’t really blog about school when I am not there.  I could I suppose.  But I am a student – a REAL student who is deliriously happy and relieved to have the semester behind me.  So as a REAL student, I am going to enjoy a REAL break from blogging about school for the whole month of July.  I have big things to do and none of them involve school.  Here are some of the things on my checklist:  Catch fireflies in a mayonnaise jar, have at least 2 bon fires per week, teach my son how to swim, reach out to 3 of my most neglected friends and catch up, read a half a dozen new books and To Kill a Mockingbird  again, paint, write, lay in the hammock with my boys and read Calvin and Hobbes books, play bocce on Sand Island, make some wine, drink some wine, make sand castles, blow bubbles, catch frogs, have the cheeseburgers over for dinner, take a lazy river ride, go to Lake George on my birthday, stargaze on the dock, watch fireworks while floating, count shooting stars during a meteor storm… well I think you get the idea.

Just like every other student, I am taking a break from thinking about school.  Come join me.  For the next few weeks I will be blogging about whatever strikes my fancy. I hope that you will humor me on my random insane musings. 

What great things do YOU have on your summer to do list?  I would love to hear about them.


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My final project for Crisis Management

The Leggacy Winery

My husband and I love wine and we love to sample new wines. We have visited the Finger Lake region in New York a couple of times to go on their various wine tours. It is so much fun and quite a beautiful trip.

Recently we discovered that a winery exists right in our backyard – The Saratoga Winery on Rt. 29 in Saratoga. One weekend we had a babysitter and ventured there with our friends. I loved this place! Better yet, I loved their wines. The Saratoga winery introduced us to a new type of wine called melomels that became my new favorite. They do a really amazing job with these. They are just so delicious.  If you like wine, you should check it out. www.thesaratogawinery.com

In any event during my visit I became intoxicated with the idea of making my own wine. That is how these guys started.

As it happened, my final project in my Crisis Communications class was to put together a crisis plan for a business. The idea is that we are all woefully unprepared for a crisis when it strikes and we should have a plan in place to handle it.

So the Leggacy (play on words using my last name as an inspiration) Winery was born. A fictitious winery inspired by The Saratoga Winery became my imaginary business. The idea is that if you think about as many possible crisis situations that could plague your business, then you are best prepared for a prevention plan to side step that crisis.

This business became very real to me. I started thinking that I could open a winery one day. I put together a really great crisis plan for this winery dealing with everything from customer intoxication to wine taint. I couldn’t stop. It was great fun.

If possible, I try to be practical in my efforts. In this way I like to take a course requirement and turn it into something that I could use one day. Now, I have never made a batch of wine, but I will when the semester is over. I may never open a winery, but maybe I will. I had a great romance with this idea as I developed this crisis plan. It was a really fun assignment.

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