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You will never crave water, but if honey was all that you had – you’d beg for water.

–      Chinese proverb

As humans we are quite aquatic, don’t you think?  We vacation by the water, real estate is outrageously priced should it have any proximity to a body of water, the bottled water industry is a booming sensation and water required to see a rainbow.

If you’ve spent any time by the water then you understand what all the hub-bub is about.  It is an instant relaxing, mind-clearing experience.  Your body’s breathing and heart rate slow.  You see things with clarity and feel forgiving.

I am certain that the real treasure at the end of the rainbow is a beautiful body of water.


 Rainbow Image Taken from:  Google Images


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Plumbing problems leads to trouble with the law

Some days you know pretty early on that it is just going to be one of those days.  This was such a day. 

Not long after I dropped my son off, I received a call from the school.  Please bring a change of clothes – oh and please hurry.  Your son can be found in the nurse’s office. 

I was in route to my school at the time.  So I turn around to fetch the clothes.  At home, I meet my husband who offers to run these over to the school for me.  Oh thank goodness.  I may be able to make it to class in just the nick of time.


After my husband drops off the clothes he calls me to fill me in on the back story of the call from school.  It would appear that our son had his first fight with a toilet.  He did not come out on the winning end.  Apparently he tried and tried to flush the toilet at school.  It just wouldn’t flush. Well we have all been there haven’t we?  Except he doesn’t have enough experience to know that you do not continue to flush a clogged toilet.  The water over flowed out of the toilet, on to the floor, filled up the bathroom floor and then went down the hall. 

My son freaked out.  His screams were so loud that several adults (including the principal) came to his aid.  How he got so soaked is a mystery.  Perhaps the tidal wave sucked him up and carried him into the hallway.  We will never know all the details in full because the teacher cannot tell the story without cracking up and our son has absolutely no interest in discussing it whatsoever. 

So here I am talking on the phone while putting on mascara driving to school.  Yes, I am the individual that you hate to drive behind. 

So everything is going ok, until I see the pretty flashing lights in my mirror. 

Oh man!  Come on. 

As I am fetching the required documents, I wonder to myself if the nice officer will be entertained by my story. 

Based on the look on his face… probably not.  He tells me that I was going 70 miles per hour. 

70?  Really?

Whew.  I have the sneaking suspicion that I may have gone just a wee bit faster than that before I slowed down for the exit ramp. 

After an exhaustive grilling and a protracted wait, I was released with only a warning. 

Oh thank you officer, I am truly grateful! 

Hmm.. now I am late.  There is no way possible that I am going to make it to class on time.  I figure I will be at least 20  minutes late.  Great.  This wouldn’t be all that bad except that the professor sent an e-mail out yesterday specifically stating that we need to be on time for class today. 

So after circling the school’s parking lot, I went back home.  I have a feeling that I won’t be getting the blue ribbon for “Ideal Student” this year.

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