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My first day

The night before my husband asked me if I was excited to go back to school.  I gave him some broody, cursory answer like “sure”. 

I wasn’t.  I wasn’t convinced that I was making the right move. 

The next morning I got up and dreaded going to class.  I am 3 years older than when I did this the last time.  I felt old then. 

But I went. 

What you should know about me is that if there is something that can be broken, I will take care of it.  If there is something silly to say, I’m the girl for the job.  So it should be no surprise that I planned poorly, got behind a major pileup on the highway and waltzed into class 20 minutes late.  This naturally was after I sat in another class for 5 full minutes before it dawned on me that I was in the wrong place.  Fantastic.

When I finally entered and interrupted the class, my stomach would not stop grumbling.  So loud that a guy sitting next to me said, “Is that you?  Are you hungry?”

Yup.  Where is divine intervention when you need it?  I really needed the earth to crack open and swallow me up – right then!

It may sound crazy, but in spite of all of this I had a wonderful first day.  My first class took place in a TV studio!  The TV studio is a brand new, state of the art studio that has 3 HD cameras with teleprompters and everything.  I’ve never been in a TV studio before.  I was in the first class to enjoy the fruits of this wonderful new building with this absolutely incredible technology.

Click on this link and you can see for yourself.  It is pretty amazing . 


This is the most exciting thing I have done – well ever.  I am terrified.  I don’t know anything about this equipment.  I don’t care.  I will learn.  Now, this is going to be great fun! 

I left that day and I knew that there was a reason I was rejected from the Creative Writing program.  Communications suddenly sounded pretty darned good.  I definitely made the right decision.  Even if it was accidental.  Most of the good decisions in my life are.


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