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Where have you been?

You must be thinking – hey, Alicia!  Where the heck have you been?  Whatcha been up to?

I am excited to announce that I have just become part of something pretty cool.  I am the newest member of the ScareMeNot team.

And this is how this beautiful tale unfolded:  I have to create a “capstone” in order to graduate.  This is where we pull together all that we have learned in the master’s program into one large project to showcase our newly acquired knowledge.    

So my awesome professor (to whom I owe my second born – I can’t part with the first) introduced me to her friend who created ScareMeNots.  Maybe I could help them and somehow craft a capstone out of it.

The website said they were Monster’s for your Monsters – something you could give to your child as a protector of night-time fears.  Sounded like a good concept. 

Then they gave me a couple of these monsters to bring home to my son.  This is the child who has been driving my husband and I completely bonkers at bedtime because he is afraid of things lurking in the dark.  My son instantly loved these cuddly guys.  When he went to bed that night with a firm grip on Guardian Gus and Knockout Ned he didn’t say a word about the room being too dark.  Ten minutes later, he was asleep like a baby.  And so it went each night as our collection of ScareMeNots continued to grow.

Do something for me, I will be grateful.  Help my son in some way, hell I’m yours forever. 

And that is how ScareMeNots became my new religion. 

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Check out the FAVORITE.

It really helps that I absolutely love every member of the team. I feel like an adopted member of their family.  

Here is the coolest part.  Mark my words now – this is going to be the next big thing. Each day we are planning and strategizing the future of the ScareMeNots and I get to be a part of it!

One of the team members is the former Creative Director of Warner Brothers and DC Comics.  He is responsible for everything BATMAN for the last ten years.  And I get to work with him! 

We will be creating bedtime stories called ScareMeNot Bedtime “Tails”, Twitter “Tails”, and so much more. 

Recently I have thought to myself;  I get to work with really great people (one of whom is a superhero) and do something I love.  Can someone pinch me? 

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter because soon we are going to be announcing the launch and man you won’t want to miss it.


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The first couple of days of school are so overwhelming.  This is when you review the syllabus, which is just a guideline of what is going to happen in the class.  It gives you a layout of when things are due.  Because you are seeing it all at once, you start to get overwhelmed.  You start thinking, “Oh my goodness, I can’t do this.  I should run out of here right now”.  “What have I gotten myself into?” Or some such thoughts. 

And that is exactly what I am going through at this moment. 

It isn’t the volume of work that is intimidating me, I’ll get it all done.  I am in a panic about the nature of the work.  The one that is bothering me the most is a Journalism class.  As I confessed on my very first blog in February – I’d like to be a writer, but I am really not.  My writing is so woefully imperfect.  If you have been reading along, then you know it too.  I am writing this blog to entertain – mostly myself. 

So yes, I am freaking out.  Add to it my feeling for  journalism, which isn’t always positive.  I don’t need a crystal ball to know how this is going to turn out.

Hey, at least we’ll have some laughs as I make what will undoubtedly be an embarrassing attempt to become a “journalist” a semester.


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Remember chat rooms?

I keep wondering where social media is going.  I remember my first experience with social media.  It was 1997 we bought a computer and set it up at the kitchen table.  We started participating in the online discussion by going into online “cafe’s” or chat rooms. It was wild.  No matter what your interest, you could find people with that same interest in a chat room.  I couldn’t believe that people were chatting online by typing.  You could chat any time you liked, all day, any day.  Once you turned on your computer, you could get instant interaction.  For two weeks I was addicted. 

The chat room phase wore off on me as quickly as it started because the discussion was so fragmented and it served no real purpose for me. There was no connection with these people.  It was like having the sensation of feeling alone in a room full of people. 

Then came instant messaging.  This was fun until you realized that every time you signed on you were obligated to respond to greeting messages from every person who sent you a message.  Then six hours would go by on a Saturday when you realize you haven’t eaten or showered yet. 

The funniest moment for me is when we got a video camera to video conference with our family in another state.   For the first couple of days we would try it out with random people in video chat rooms.  I would get up, get all prettied up to go on the computer and figure this out.  Until one day when an unwelcome guest joined our chat room who was alone, quite naked and having a grand old time all by himself.  Did you ever notice the people who probably should NOT be naked are those who are most proud to be? That put an abrupt end to that video chat experience.

The instant messenger phase has passed. I don’t even know if anyone still uses AOL.  I haven’t heard or thought about the idea of a “chat room” in years.  I wonder if anyone goes in them anymore.   

So now we are all blogging, tweeting, “friending” and this seems so normal.  In 10 years will we say – “I wonder if anyone even tweets anymore!  Remember blogging?” Inevitably some young ditzy person will come up to you and say, “What’s blogging?”


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Before a month ago, I must admit that I had never heard of this company.  Yet we keep discussing this company in my class because Joel Postman gives this company kudos for progressive use of social media.  My fearless professor contacted Zappos to ask if they would speak to our class regarding their corporate culture and use of social media.  They immediately accepted!  Yesterday, Thomas Knoll from Zappos Skyped into our class to meet with us.  He was so honest and cool that our whole class found him incredibly likeable.  He spoke with us despite being hit by Nerf darts throughout the call. 

Here is what I have learned:

  • Zappos sells shoes.
  • Next to Google, this seems like the 2nd coolest place to work.  I want to work there.  I already own my own Nerf gun, so I am ready to start.
  • This company measures success on customer satisfaction.  The emphasis of financial reward is secondary to “wowing” the customer.
  • Zappos does use social media.  They have a CEO Blog, Twitter accounts – etc, etc.  However their primary contact with their customer is through (brace yourself) the good, old fashioned TELEPHONE.  They want the direct contact. That means they favor and seek for the method that will allow them a direct interaction their customer.  Get this – their goal is to make the customer happy. 


I wish my cell phone company, Cable Company, insurance company (well I could go on and on here) would adopt that same policy.


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Honesty is such a lonely word

I hope all of you readers are having nice weather – we sure are!  88 and sunny today. 

As you all know I am taking a Social Media class so at least two blogs per week will be dedicated to that class.  The required reading for the class is SocialCorp, by Joel Postman.  It is an enjoyable, quick read but it makes my head spin a little.  I cannot believe how much has passed me by while I was preoccupied with updating my facebook status. 

One of the key points the book is makes that users of social media (me blogging in this case) is most well received if it is transparent. He uses the word transparency, but I hate that word.  I will try not to use it.  I associate the word transparency as a term that is overused by politicians and officials in an effort to convince their audience that they are transparent when they are anything but.  He uses “authentic and truthful”.  I like those, so I will use those.  This concept seems obvious to me, does it to you as well?  Of course we are going to gravitate toward truth.  As you know if you have been reading my blog I have been painfully truthful.  You know more about my domestic mishaps than I would likely be comfortable in sharing if we had a face to face relationship.  I mean heck, I may have a hard time getting a job after I have publicly admitted to you all that I procrastinate,  I drive way too fast while putting on makeup and talking on the phone and I have skipped class.  Yikes. 

But my blog is a personal blog – and we are examining corporate media.  What is exciting to learn is that many corporations participate in some sort of media – twitter, blogs etc.  That makes me feel empowered.  That means I have a voice that they will listen to.  If I receive poor service at Wal-Mart – I can go on their web blog and tell them about it. I would also expect to receive a response that would satisfy me.  They certainly do not want me spreading a bad word about them on their website or worse, other websites, so they are motivated to appease me somehow.   Now that I am learning all of these new things, I also learned that many companies have been caught being deceitful on their websites or blogs. It seems that in 2007, two individuals wrote a blog that spoke well of Wal-Mart.  These two individuals packed up their RV and traveled the country to various Wal-Marts and blogged about how great it was.  Later it was revealed that they were paid BY Wal-Mart to do this.  Isn’t that handy. So what are the legal ramifications for this?  Not a whole lot.  See laws against this type of activity really haven’t been written yet – social media is just too new. 

I just went to Wal-Mart this afternoon.  The place was packed with people buying all sorts of summertime items – just like me.  It is hard to see how Wal-Mart has hurt from their deceitful practices.

What do you think?  Do you think that on the whole corporations are using blogs, and websites, twitter and facebook in a way that is honest and authentic?  From my previous blog, it is obvious that many of you think the answer is no.  Do any of you have an example of a company that does a great job?  Postman has one that he this is awesome.  It is a company I am certain you know. Can any of you guess?


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Social Media – Love it? Hate it? Inquiring minds want to know

This is my first “official” blog post for my social media class. I have only attended one class so far. My professor is the same one who taught my Crisis Communications class I took last semester and I recognize many of my classmates from last semester.It is nice to have so much familiarity at the beginning of the semester.

In this class we are going to be learning about the applicability of social media in a corporate setting. We will be examining the use of social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (among so many others) and how corporations can use these new mediums as a vehicle to reach their customers and employees. We live in a whole new world now and the “old school” days of typed memos and meetings really have taken an entirely new meaning. Corporations hire consultants that work from home, Skype in to work and host meetings virtually in all sorts of ways. Skype is one of the video tools that a person can use to have a virtual conversation on screen with one another via a computer. I only know this because Oprah uses it a lot.

All of the content in this class really fits me like a glove. I am a Facebook addict. It seems that I am concerned more these days about the status updates than I really care to admit. I know I am not alone. As a new blogger I find myself opening Twitter accounts, setting up RSS feeds (that means whatever I post on my blog automatically posts to twitter, facebook and LinkedIn in a vain attempt to make me feel like someone is actually reading these things) and doing all sorts of things that were foreign to me just a year ago.

So I guess the big question here how does Corporate USA use these tools for their own gain? How are each of us as their consumers and employees affected by them? Is it good or bad?

I really look forward to your opinions as we go along – so please don’t be shy.


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Summer, summer, summer. It’s like a merry-go-round

I have opted to take 2 summer classes this semester.  Summer semesters at The College of St. Rose are split into two 6 week sessions.  I have elected to take 6 credits during the first 6 week semester.  It is a great way to get credits out of the way quickly, but it is a long 6 weeks.  I know.  I have done it before.  This means that until the end of June I will be in class 3 days per week.  The classes are longer than usual because you have so much you have to cram into a 6 week block. 

I started classes on Monday.  I am taking a New Media Production class, which is an extension of the Digital Media Production class that I told you about in the spring.  So at least I have some exposure to the equipment now.  It is less intimidating.  Less. 

I am also taking a Social Media class.  And that is where all of you come in.  Part of the class work will require me to blog about the class.  So I feel ahead of the game.  Since I am already blogging about school this seems like an easy transition to start blogging about this course specifically.  Two days a week, I will be blogging about this class in Social Media.  That means I will be taking you along on the journey with me.  It will be fun!

This also means that my professor will be reading my posts and possibly my classmates.  That is a little intimidating.  If you are reading this blog for the first time, then please go back and read my first post.  Then you can understand the theme behind my blog and more importantly, understand that grammar is not something that I take too seriously.  I just hope I don’t cringe when I look back at my posts in a year from now.


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