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The fun of the fourth!

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Hey cyberspace friends!  I wish each of you a peaceful 4th of July.  This is such a great weekend to really let your hair down and reconnect with great friends or maybe just a great book – or both.  I have some things to cross of my summer to do list, so I have to waste no time in getting started.  I hope you join me by enjoying your own weekend.  Laugh a lot, soak up the sun and rejuvenate.  I too will do just that and I will try to enjoy each minute so the weekend stretches out and doesn’t pass by so fast.

In upstate New York, it is going to be a HOT one.  That is what we wait for all year!

We are planning to see the fireworks on the lake.  They are so beautiful when they reflect of the evening sky in a starry night. 

Enjoy!  Please share your weekend plans with me – I would love to know what family traditions you look forward to on the fourth of July.


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Summertime, time to sit back and unwind

It is 89 degrees today and the weatherchannel.com says that it feels like 94. It is AWESOME. At the start of each season, I swear that the current season is my favorite. I just love them all. Summer does bring a bit of liberty that we had missed for the entire winter. I am preoccupied with the plans for the weekend. It seems to me that takes a lot of planning and preparation so that you can appropriately relax.

I feel terrible for my professors. They can hardly compete with the weather on days like this. I sit in class daydreaming of an evening barbeque with my boys looking for fireflies. I am sure that the professors are thinking of their own plans for the holiday themselves. After the class this evening I will not have class until Tuesday of next week. I am looking forward to the long weekend. I have to attend to my homework and my list of chores before I get too ahead of myself. It is only Wednesday after all.

To all of you reading this – enjoy the weather – whatever weather you are currently having today. It will pass us in a flash.


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