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The Scholastic Family

With summer vacation vanishing rapidly on the horizon, we are in the full swing of school.   As I drove my son to school this morning, it seemed we hadn’t missed a beat since June.

We are quite the scholastic family – each one of us in this home is in school this semester.  The face that John Belushi is making fits perfectly with our mentality about it all.  I can’t look at the picture without a giggle.

Brace yourselves folks because this ought to be interesting! Prepare for a wild ride, I will blog about all the fun of the scholastic family.

Pray for us.  😉

Image taken from:  http://a.espncdn.com/i/magazine/new/040203_belushi.jpg


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1st Grade

Here is what I’d like to know:  I’d like to know when I will be able to drop my son off for the first day of school and not come home in tears.  All of the other parents are happy and care free and I am sad that my boy is now away from me for the better part of the day until next June. 


I like my kid.  He is really cool.  I miss him when he is gone. ~~sniff, sniff~~

I know that makes me sad and pathetic. 

Tomorrow will be better.


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Back to Life… Back to Reality

So that’s it.  Summer is over.  It was fleeting.

Typically I live up to Labor Day in denial that fall is upon us.  This year I have attempted to embrace the coming season. I have spent the last few weeks organizing, washing, folding, sorting and storing household items in preparation of the school season for about 2 weeks now.  My son has grown almost an inch and it is quite clear judging by the clothing that he has outgrown!

This summer has been one of the best that we have had in years.  The weather was so hot it and so sticky – it was wonderful.  I spent the summer with my boys almost exclusively.  I am going through a reclusive phase.

At the beginning of each season, I declare it is the one I love the best.  So this is why I shall affirm, for now, that autumn is my favorite season. 

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These are a few of my favorite fall things:  the crisp air, the taste of a New York Macintosh apple, hockey, carving pumpkins, snuggling on the couch on cool evenings when the days are so short, creamy homemade soups in freshly baked bread bowls, warm apple cider donuts, hoodies, the bristling of the leaves beneath your feet as you follow behind your child trick or treating, hot mulled cider, the vibrant colors on the landscape, apple picking, the routine, Columbus Day, sweaters, haunted hay rides, homemade apple pie,  the anticipation of Thanksgiving, and a new season of my favorite shows to watch with our good friends. 

Yet as I see the first hint of fall colors grazing the leaves, I do regret the passing of summer.  I will miss the hummingbirds.

Hummingbird Image taken from: http://wildbirdsupplies.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/hummingbird.jpg


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Morbid Thoughts

Our customary trip to the cemetery has evoked some deep thinking.  Brit always pays respects to her deceased relatives before she goes home.  This year I decided to visit my departed relatives as well.

I put the obligatory flower upon each gravesite.  This was a first for me.  I expected to be flooded with overwhelming emotion. Other than the name imprinted there, I felt no worldly connection with my grandparents through the viewing of the marked graves.  Perhaps like the headstones, I too am made of stone.   

As Brit’s visit progressed we had a great deal of fun.  We talked for hours and hours about everything under the sun. For the first time in years, we celebrated my birthday together. 

Later, I revisited my cemetery experience and tried to reconcile my feelings as I was looking at a group of the Adirondack Mountains that serve as the back drop to the Sacandaga Lake.  They are layered like an artichoke of purple and green mashed potato heaps.  The image of these beautiful mountains evokes tranquility in my body.  Even if I am not physically before them, the image is tattooed on my brain and I can close my eyes, imagine them before me and receive an instant calming benefit just from thinking about them.  As I sat entranced in my environment, I took a moment to muse about how something I hold so dear can enhance my perspective on any given day. 

This is my church.  If I ever want to feel connected with my deceased loved ones I need not visit the cemetery.

This thought led me to become transfixed on the question that vexes us all.  What is the purpose of the things that make humans so unique if the sum of them evaporates once we perish?  Our values, our emotion, our opinions our laughter and our voice just vanish.  Was there a value in the experience once it has passed?  What is the point, if when we are just getting the hang of this life and how to function comfortably and honorably within it, the time is up?

I certainly don’t have the answer, but I think it may lie partly within Bridgette’s visit.  I believe it is connecting with love ones, finding happiness in ordinary things, making your own luck and hoping that by doing so your leggacy* will take care of itself. 

*Alicia Legg.  Leggacy.   🙂

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Ghost Hunters at the Broad Albin Hotel

As mentioned on my earlier blog, this is the place we visited to see my Uncle play. After the band concluded their set, we settled in the back of the place to play some pool and video games. We met with the owner who told us that there is great suspicion that this hotel is haunted. Ghost hunters has even called the owners to film the place.

After the crowd rolled out and we were there alone, I got an idea why this place is such a curiosity. So we played pool and had a good time, but as we left and took pictures we got the haunting feeling that seems to be the allure of the place. As you can see, the pictures we took had unexplained marks on them that Bridgette calls orbs.

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There are two chairs out front with no seat. I casually wondered if these were for the ghosts. This must be quite a place to spend the night.

I hope Ghost Hunters calls them back. I would love to know what they find.

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Uncle Garry and The Heartbreakers

On the first full day of Brit’s visit we went to see my Uncle Garry play in his band at the Broadalbin Hotel in Broad Albin by Sacandaga Lake.  He plays every Sunday.  The audience was a bit older than we were, but that didn’t stop one spry fellow to demonstrate his dancing prowess by throwing (literally) his dance partners during the square dance routine.  I am admittedly not versed in the art of square dancing, but up until that night I was not aware that there was a move that required the female partner to become airborne.  After a mild injury and an angry wife’s wrath (who was not the woman he was throwing up in the air) the fellow was persuaded to conclude this activity.  It was a HOOT.

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We had such a good time at this event!   My uncle has played guitar his whole life, yet as I sat there, I couldn’t remember ever hearing him play.  It was so nice just to watch him.  About six songs into the set, Uncle Garry started to sing.  Sing!  All of the ladies got really quiet and started “shushing” people so they could listen.  All at once I could see why.  Uncle Garry has got a set of pipes on him.  Dang, that boy can sing.  How had I missed this for so long!? 

Take a listen.  I am no videographer (obviously) so I apologize for the terrible quality.  

It is only a matter of time before Jay Leno sees this. 

What I loved about the evening is seeing a side of my Uncle that I could appreciate as an adult.  I love this guy and I am so glad to see him doing something that he loves so much and is so darned good at. 

To some he may just be an average Joe, but to many he is a celebrity in the Adirondacks.

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Illegal Nocturnal Activities

Oh no you didn’t. 

Oh yes we did.

Despite that Bridgette’s family has not held the deed to this home for years we decided to visit, dig up some lilies and head back out.

At 9:00 at night we drive straight to the Home Depot and buy a LARGE shovel.  I wanted a little one to be less conspicuous – she wanted a big one to get the job done quicker and this was a source of heated debate in the garden section for several minutes.  Punctuating the fact that she determined the conversation was concluded, she swung the LARGE shovel over her one shoulder, pretty purse on the other, and we began to receive interesting looks from the workers and the other late night patrons.  I can’t understand why.  Two women in Home Depot on a mission to buy a LARGE shovel, and only a large shovel, at 9:00 PM hardly seems normal.  After the 3rd gaping stare, Brit looks at me and loudly says, “What are we going to do if the Cemetery is closed?”

Why they sold us this shovel, I will never know. 

We hop back in the car, and head to our childhood home.  It felt like we should have parked in the driveway and headed right back up the back stairs.  Instead of sneaking in some boons farm wine – this time we have graduated to a new level of dubious activities.  Stealing lilies. 

We circle the block like Bonnie and Clyde as we “case the joint”.   We park the car, get out dig up 2 lily plants, (of the hundreds of lilies that were there) put them in a Stewarts plastic bag, tidy up the spot, jump back in the car and head out.  Took about 3 minutes.  Just a day in my life. 

Here is how I worked this out:  Brit misses her grandmother and she remembers the day her grandmother planted those flowers.  They spread like wildfire.  The house is largely unkempt because it is a rental property now and it is for sale.  I hardly think the owner or the renters will miss two of those bulbs.  They will proliferate again next year.  Brit just wants a living piece of her grandmother close to her. These lilies fill that gap.  I get that. 

When the home finally lands again in the hands of a loving owner, Brit and I will return and pay it back our misdeed by giving them a purple lilac bush so it will flourish in their yard.  It will be nice to have next owner know how their home was loved by its previous occupants.  Maybe that will make up for the fact that their attic loft may or may not be partially insulated with empty beer cans.


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