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Idiot proof. Oxymoron – at least for me

Ok, so I made a small error on the FAFSA.  The college caught it and called me. It was a quick fix. 

Lucky for me the school does not employ this as a screening process.  You know – if you aren’t smart enough to fill out this form maybe you shouldn’t be in college – type of screening. 

I think they just put a note in your file that says you are a “special needs” student. 

If the shoe fits… 

I could use the extra attention.

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I am my own worst enemy

I am a master procrastinator.  I am not proud of this.  I need therapy.  I need swat team of therapists to help me with this condition.  The first step is admission so I am told.  Admission to the mental health facility, that is. 

Bud ump… ching!

It took me (without a lick of exaggeration) 1 week and twenty minutes to finally fill out that FAFSA.

In the one week period, I did everything else.  Checked Facebook, balanced my check book, made that root canal appointment and finally when I found myself on my hands and knees washing my floor did it occur to me that I may be going too far in trying to avoid the FAFSA. 

I found my tax forms and got to work.  Twenty minutes later I was done.  They make this thing so intuitive and idiot proof that it actually was quite easy.

If there is a lesson to be learned here about how it takes longer to procrastinate than it does to actually do the task, it will be lost on me.  No matter how I vow to change my ways I will do the same thing next year when it is time to fill it out again.


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I have no money – how exactly am I going to pay for this?

Time to apply for those student loans.  Thank God for credit. 

Accumulating debt for college is the one thing that actually makes sense to me.

My education is the one thing they cannot take away from me.  They can repossess my car, my TV and my bicycle but my education is mine. 

The federal government is a very forgiving and economical lender.  They have very fair interest rates and a forgiving payback system for people like me who are currently without a cash flow. 

So I guess I have to see how much aid / loans I am eligible for because if I have to pay one penny into this now, well I am out.  All of this will end right here.

It all starts with the FAFSA.  (Free application for student aid.) Like everything else these days, it must be done online.  I remember this process from my last college stint.  I remember it wasn’t so bad.  So I go to the website http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ and open my account.  Oh yeah I need my tax forms from last year to fill this out. 

I forgot that. 

I also forgot to make a dentist appointment for that root canal that I need.  Let me go do that first.


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