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The homework of the child comes before that of the parent

As I sit here today, I have made the realization that I sacrifice my own education for that of my son’s.  It seems that school activities take me away often during the day, whether it be a field trip or helping out in class or at the library I love to be at his school.  This takes me away from home where I typically do school work. 

So then I pick him up in the afternoon, we work on his homework together I make a quick dinner and clean up before I am off to my class. 

Doesn’t leave a whole lot of time left for school work during the week.  Good thing there is only one week left of school – for both of us!


Yay summer.


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Today, it is raining and oh so cold.  Our entire region is under a flood advisory.   I am amazed at how much rain is accumulating in the form of swampy lawns and flooded streets.  I am also amazed how lethargic a rainy day can make me.

I really have to get some school work done.  I should stop looking out the window. 

I am distracted today because my son got in trouble recently for not concentrating on his schoolwork.  I wonder where he gets this from. 

My husband’s side of the family I think.


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