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The walk of an angry, premenstrual psychopath

Last week I became a published journalist!  Woot, woot!  An article I wrote ended up on the Times Union website.  Very exciting.  It was no easy task.

A story I had read really got me irritated.  Here is the article. It seems that my fellow Saint Rose students are suspected of repeatedly damaging school property to keep a shortcut intact.

I was annoyed that my fellow classmates would destruct property just so they could create a short cut.  The more I thought of it, it just didn’t seem right.  There just had to be more to it.

Then I read the sentence where the student said that the short cut saved her a “solo walk down Partridge” street.  Hmmm…

I go to school at night when it is dark.  I park right next to the school.  I pump myself up before I get out of the car the way that Rocky Balboa does before a fight.  I listen to work-out music to psyche myself up for the well-lit walk of oh about 50 feet into the building.  When I get out, I put my angry face on, shoulders back and walk into class like an angry, premenstrual psychopath.  This is my way to ward off any potential predators.  I stare down strangers with a psychotic gaze that dares them to mess with me.

If I had to take an evening stroll longer than my 50 foot maximum I would probably drop out of school.

So this fence cutting sport had me intrigued and I decided to scratch a little deeper.

The roads around our campus have had a history of crime.  I wondered if anyone was using this shortcut as a way to get on to school grounds as quickly as possible and to avoid a walk on the street.

Seems I was right.  That is what motivated me to write this article.  Here is the article.

I wonder if the students will take action and what the school will do in response.  It would make for a great follow-up story.

What do you think?  Who is being irresponsible here, the students or the school?

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1st Grade

Here is what I’d like to know:  I’d like to know when I will be able to drop my son off for the first day of school and not come home in tears.  All of the other parents are happy and care free and I am sad that my boy is now away from me for the better part of the day until next June. 


I like my kid.  He is really cool.  I miss him when he is gone. ~~sniff, sniff~~

I know that makes me sad and pathetic. 

Tomorrow will be better.


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Kindergarten Graduation Part II

The Kindergarten year progressed and we adapted to reading, homework, report cards, small arguments between friends at the school and we soon found out that Kindergarten was all-encompassing in our lives.   By February I began to long for summer vacation.  My poor son was working harder than he had ever before, and the teacher was amazing.  I loved her and we were blessed to have had her.  She didn’t show the exhaustion that I felt.

At Christmas there was a beautiful Christmas performance that the school put on.  When my son was up there, I had to fake a cough to cover the tears that kept creeping in my eyes.  These performances are so sweet.  By the Easter performance I stopped pretending and just let those happy tears flow.  Like every other parent I am sure I looked only at my child.  Later when we’d watch the video would I only notice that there were other children on the stage with him. 

In June the teacher began preparing for Kindergarten graduation. My son was so excited and wouldn’t tell me about it for it would ruin the surprise.  On the big day the children wore paper graduation caps and they recognized all of us who volunteered at the school throughout the year by mentioning our name and giving us a bookmark.  I cried like a fool through the whole darned ceremony.

When I speak to my girlfriend again she will laugh and give me that knowing look that she gave me long ago.  My views have changed on so many things since I have had my beautiful child.  I no longer think that these celebrations are unnecessary or repetitive.  My son worked hard this year.  He was proud of himself.  The school put on a beautiful ceremonious performance that day and as a family we left bonded and feeling on top of the world.  The demands of school become more vigorous each year. If there is an opportunity to celebrate the hard work that is expected of these kids each day we should seize it and enjoy it.  Any opportunity to build up a child should not be one that is missed.


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Kindergarten Graduation – Part I

Years ago I had a conversation with a friend to whom I told I would not change much after having a child.  She reminds me of this from time to time.

I used to think that scholastic celebrations are completely redundant and unnecessary.  I felt that you celebrated one “graduation” – the real one when you completed 12th grade and MAYBE an 8th grade graduation.  

So we entered September 2009 by placing my son into Kindergarten in one of the finest schools I have the privilege of being associated with.  This adjustment was no small one for us.  I was quite used to having my son all to myself for all hours of the day and I was quite reluctant to share him with the school.  I also did not like the fact that it was an all day Kindergarten.

Let me stop right here and say that I am certified to teach grades 1-9 in the State of New York.  As an educator, I believe that all day Kindergarten helps the children acclimate to the demands of their future years.  I like the staggered approach best, where the pupils attend half day until Christmas break and upon their return they ease into a full day.  However with the school we selected had an all day Kindergarten.  For the first week my heart felt empty due to his absence immediately after I dropped him off.  I have a cool kid and I love him and I missed him something awful.

It turns out that we really weren’t prepared for the demands of Kindergarten.

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The homework of the child comes before that of the parent

As I sit here today, I have made the realization that I sacrifice my own education for that of my son’s.  It seems that school activities take me away often during the day, whether it be a field trip or helping out in class or at the library I love to be at his school.  This takes me away from home where I typically do school work. 

So then I pick him up in the afternoon, we work on his homework together I make a quick dinner and clean up before I am off to my class. 

Doesn’t leave a whole lot of time left for school work during the week.  Good thing there is only one week left of school – for both of us!


Yay summer.


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I’ve got a disease…

If you are a Rob Thomas / Matchbox 20 fan, the lyrics of that song should be running through your head.

If you are not, stop reading this now and go and download that song.  I’ll wait.

I do have a disease though.  More like a neurosis.  I have this fiery desire to have a 4.0 average in school.  You have been with me throughout this semester and you know that I am no model student.  An Arizona trip, skipping class because of a run – in with the law, procrastination, blogging and more procrastination have all seriously impeded the possibility for a special award upon graduation. 

You would think that all of these factors, to any logical and intelligent person would dictate that I should aim a little lower as far as my grades are concerned.  I guess that means I am none of those things because I am seriously working toward and hoping for a 4.0.

Ironically, I am not a fan of the 4.0.  I think it creates stress and a poor quality of life for anyone who tries to achieve it.  Once you have it you drive yourself and everyone around you absolutely bonkers trying to maintain it the following semester. 

I have achieved it before.   A few times actually.  It’s a drug – that’s what it is.  I remember wanting to laminate my grades and tape them to my forehead. 

If you knew me in high school or grade school you are laughing.  I can hear you.  You think this is comedy.  It kind of is.  In those years, I had all I could do to show up. 

So why now is it so darned important?  I don’t know.  It is a feeling of validation I guess.  

I was a college drop out for far longer in my life than I was a graduate.  It was intimidating as hell going back.  Having good grades really substantiates why I am doing this.  As shallow as it may seem, it substantiates my self-worth as a student. 

I only need a B average to graduate.  No job that I will ever apply to will care one hoot about my grade point average.  They don’t put your GPA on your diploma.  For all of these reasons, it really matters to no one but me if I have a 4.0.  For all of those reasons, I should stop trying to earn it.

But I just started my master’s program and right now my record is perfect because the grades aren’t in yet.  So the neurosis has kicked in.  I will be up late a lot these next few days trying to get my last of my papers just perfect in the hopes… the hopes that maybe one day…

I will get into a good mental institution.


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