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Realigning my stars

Did you ever have one of those times in your life when everything happens to you all at once?  It starts with something big, like a sickness or a loss of a job – something that is practically life changing and hard to deal with.  Then before you know it, the car breaks down, the roof leaks, your lawn mower breaks, your family has a feud, your dog gets sick, and your kid gets sick… on and on and on. 

So you think what else could possibly happen?  You then ask the question, “Dear God, what else could possibly happen?”  A word of advice – don’t ask this question.  God will answer it for you and give you another half a dozen crisis’s to handle in rapid succession. Until something trivial happens and you finally break.

I am just starting to get out of that mode.  Finally, finally.

I was in good company.  In the midst of the second (two of three) mechanical problem of the holiday weekend, a good friend looked at me and said, “Seems like none of our stars are aligned.”  He sure was right.  At least I wasn’t alone – and having that pointed out to me was a little ray of “Sunshine”.   🙂

It just makes me wonder about how things happen all at once.  I started thinking about negative energy and how it attracts more negative energy.  I wonder if when one bad thing happens, we get ourselves in a brood and then we become a satellite dish receptor of sorts for more annoying things to happen. 

Just a thought.

It’s time to paint my satellite dish a bright cheery yellow.  I hear it takes a lot of paint to cover black, so I’d better get to work.


Images taken from google images:  http://0.tqn.com/d/graphicssoft/1/0/Y/j/xen2-05-constellation1a.jpg  http://www.nextnature.net/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/pimpyourdish.jpg


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