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Viagra for Women

So far I have spoken to you a great deal about my interviewing class, and frankly I have no intention of stopping this week.  This class is just so darned unique and interesting that it is a weekly source of blogging fun.

Not to mention, I am convinced that my professor has a devilish sense of humor.

All of this interviewing practice and discussion that we have participated in is leading us to prepare for a radio interview with each other. 

Here’s the idea:  We split into 3 groups.  Each of the groups is given a topic and articles from the NY Times to correspond to our topic and we use this information to moderate a radio program between our groups for 35 minutes.

As our professor is handing out these articles, I see a glimpse of that mischievous grin that I have noticed before.  Here are the assigned topics per group:

  1. Group one:  Naming the ‘00s. (thousands, like the 80’s 90’s, etc)
  2. Group two:  From Students, Less Kindness for Strangers
  3. OUR group:  Sex and the Single Drug.  Viagra for Women.

Boy did we pull the short straw.

Upon receiving this, my classmate and now my new friend, looks amused.  He exclaims, “Don’t even ask me about a woman’s libido, I know nothing about it.  I am gay.” 

I begin looking around for Aston Kutcher.  I am sure I am about to be “Punked”.

For one week I had a full brood about this.  I don’t see myself as a prude, but I am not exactly comfortable discussing sex openly,  much less in a forum that is being recorded.  I feel only slightly comforted by the fact that my friend may be more uncomfortable than I am, yet he doesn’t seem to be. 

This has the potential to be great fun or a hot mess.

Titles of the articles referenced are from www.newyorktimes.com.

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