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Musings of the handicapped

I have allowed myself become handicapped by technology.  Let me explain.

I needed to get some writing done the other day and my family wanted to go to the beach.  Perfect!  I always feel inspired at the beach.

I just don’t think it is an ideal place for a laptop – especially not with a six-year-old. 

There are very few material things I value: the charms on my necklace, my wedding rings, an alligator picture my son made, and my laptop.


It is not expensive or fancy; it just gives me the freedom and the capacity to do lots of stuff wherever I go.

So I take my pen and a pad to the beach.


‘Cept I am not used to writing – with a pen anymore.  I type a lot more quickly than it takes me to write something.   By the time I write something out long hand, I have forgotten half of it.  I even type my shopping list.

So I am writing to this to you now on a pad on a dock with the intention to type it out later.  The paper is a mess. 

I miss my backspace key, but I think the trade-off is well worth it. 


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