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Who ever heard of a stomach flu in July!

We got sick this week and ended up being out of commission for a few days.  I wonder how in the world we could have got a stomach flu when school season is over.  We had to cancel plans, and lay around on one of the hottest weekends I can remember.  Yuck.  No one likes that.  But it was a GREAT opportunity to cuddle with the little guy who is usually too busy to do so. 

So, in all I can’t complain.   🙂


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Grandmaster funk

I am in a funk.  I am not too thrilled with school right now either.  I know, this sounds really hypocritical of me.  I wrote a book about going back to school as an adult.  It is my life’s mission to inspire adults to do it too, and here I am complaining. 

Like everything else in life, not all days can be good.  Today is one of those days.  See, I should be done with the summer semester.  I have two projects to finish.  I had to ask both of my professors for extensions on these projects.  So while my classmates are free and clear, I am chained to this desk.  My son and husband just went to the park.  It is gorgeous outside.  GRRRRR… 

My heart has not been into it this semester.  Did you ever have a couple of bad weeks?  When you have a couple of bad weeks in the middle of a 6 week semester, well you have a bad semester.  That’s the problem with summer sessions. There is absolutely no forgiveness.  One missed class, a missed project could sink the whole affair. 

I am trying to take my own advice.  I am two projects away from being free from the summer.  I’d better just get to it.

Got to dunk the funk.  Funk a dunk, dunk.


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While you were sleeping…

Yes, I did lay my head down and I am not really all that proud to admit it.  But I have to tell you I did feel a whole lot better and got a new outlook on life.  No one put a “loser” sign on my back.  I went in the bathroom to check.

Truly I only had my head down for about 20 minutes, but when I woke up the entire campus looked like one big, cold mud pit. 

After my snooze and despite the influence of the energy sucking, rainy day, I got a lot done!  Never, never, never underestimate the importance of a good power nap.  



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A quick catnap in the student center

My son is feeling better, but it has been a sketchy couple of nights. We are all a little under the weather because of lack of sleep and the lousy weather outside. Today is my long day at school. It is always hard to get out of bed, but for some reason today the gravity under my bed was extra strong. The covers were so soft, so heavy. So I went back to bed for “just a moment”. I fell back into a deep sleep with a pleasant dream.

My son woke me up 15 minutes later and wanted to snuggle in our bed. But we were already late! I had to take a speed shower and rush him right through his breakfast. Not to mention it is my week to carpool so I had to leave early to pick up the twins and bring them all to Kindergarten. Usually, this type of frenzy energizes me. Not today. The rain really started coming down about 10 minutes before I had to leave and made everything a mess. I leave with only a second to spare when I realize it is garbage day. So I muck through the cold puddled grass to drag the cans out. Now my feet are wet. This entire time, I am fantasizing about getting back into my warm bed later tonight. It is 7:55am and that is all I can think about.

It is going to be a long day.

By the time I get to school, I am even more wet than I was this morning because I just had to cross campus in a monsoon. Brrr..

I am heading to the student center to see if I can put my head down for just a moment. I see students sleeping in here all the time, but they are 18 and cute and can get away with it. Today I don’t care. I should be doing research for my paper. I should be reading chapter 10 for Crisis Management. I should be doing research for my paper in Media Ethics. I should be reading the fifteen chapters in that class that I got behind on. But for now, I am not going to. I am going to put my head down for a moment.

If I wake up in a pool of my own drool with a print of the table on my face after my snore wakes me up, I will definitely blog about it tomorrow.


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A sick child, a sleepless night

It is Sunday night.  My son has just returned home from his grandfather’s house.  The moment I laid eyes on him earlier this afternoon I saw his red ears and the flushed face.  I didn’t need a crystal ball to know that it was going to be a long night.  It is absolutely no surprise that I was woken from a beautiful sleep at 12:15 am by a poor child who cannot understand why we are tearing him from his cozy cocoon of sweat soaked sheets, blankets and PJ’s to strip his bed and wipe him down for fear that the outrageously high fever will just take over his poor little 40 pound body. 

Now, at 12:42, I am fully aware that my night has just begun.  As is my ritual, I am fraught with worry that his temperature is really indicative of a much bigger, terrible disease that has been since left undetected.  Logic will not prevail until the morning since all of my silly fears are quite nocturnal, and they die the moment the sun rises – just like the vampires and the Blair Witch that scare me equally.  From the months of November until May this type of cyclical illness is quite common in our home with a school aged five-year old.  Yet the sickness of my “baby” is something I have not yet grown accustomed to. 

I am certain that it is experiences like this that sets me apart from my fellow classmates.  While it would be a very safe guess that they are also up at this very hour and will predictably be up well into the night just as I will, it is for entirely different reasons.


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I am my own worst enemy

I am a master procrastinator.  I am not proud of this.  I need therapy.  I need swat team of therapists to help me with this condition.  The first step is admission so I am told.  Admission to the mental health facility, that is. 

Bud ump… ching!

It took me (without a lick of exaggeration) 1 week and twenty minutes to finally fill out that FAFSA.

In the one week period, I did everything else.  Checked Facebook, balanced my check book, made that root canal appointment and finally when I found myself on my hands and knees washing my floor did it occur to me that I may be going too far in trying to avoid the FAFSA. 

I found my tax forms and got to work.  Twenty minutes later I was done.  They make this thing so intuitive and idiot proof that it actually was quite easy.

If there is a lesson to be learned here about how it takes longer to procrastinate than it does to actually do the task, it will be lost on me.  No matter how I vow to change my ways I will do the same thing next year when it is time to fill it out again.


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