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Just You and I

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That song is an oldie but goodie.  It was old in 1996, when I married my husband.  That was our wedding song and I sure do love it. 

I would walk through fire for my man.  No one is going to utter a foul syllable against him without having a quarrel with me.  It was my best day when I met him and I am blessed to have him in my life.   I have spent more days with him than I have without him. 

Our relationship is real.  We work hard at it.  

We have been together for many years. We have a family and a home together.  It is warm, familiar and cozy and it takes tender loving care to keep it whole.

We met in high school.  We married some years later in 1996.  Our wedding video is on VHS.  You know, the big tapes you can play on a VCR.  Google it if you don’t know what it is, you will find VHS right next to 8 track tapes and the invention of the wheel. 

We watched our wedding video the other day.  Recapturing that moment was really amazing.  Some of the friends in my wedding party I never see anymore.  These were the people that I never thought I would be without.  I haven’t seen most of those people in years and years. 

However, I saw my handsome husband.  I saw that smile.  I fell in love all over again.

That is where the story began.  When I sang Just you and I to him on the dance floor of Chaucer’s in July of 1996, I felt like there wasn’t another soul in the room.  That was the best wedding I have ever been to.  When I see that video, I remember who we were and who we were to become. 

In all ways that count we are the same then as we are today and I am so proud of that. 

We’ll be alright… just you and I.


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Online Romance?

As I read and think about social media, I wonder if it encourages romance.  Either in the workplace or personally.  I must admit when social media started the online dating and romantic chats seemed a bit of a crazy notion.  Now however as we get more used to using facebook, twitter and blogs it seems natural that relationships will be cultivated online.   

Online relationships give you a way to get to know another person in a relatively safe environment, your own home. Or wherever you use your computer. If you are smart enough about it, you can keep all of your personal information to yourself until you get to know the person well enough to trust giving more.  Although in this day and age where there are Google maps and addresses online you’d have to be super careful.  The “hunk” that you just found on facebook could turn out to be Hannibal Lecter.  He could just as easily Google your name and show up at your door.  YIKES. 

I have friends who are in happy relationships that started online and I think that is pretty cool.  When you think about it, aren’t we just using the internet in the same way that we used to use the telephone?  When I started dating my husband, I saw him in school; we went one time and then spent a great deal of time on the telephone getting to know each other.

As I was reading SocialCorp, I started thinking about how office romances could be cultivated in that same way, because now employees have an acceptable venue to develop these relationships.  It seems like breeding ground for sexual harassment cases to explode – but that is just the paranoid HR person inside of me speaking.  With so many companies having an online community, does the instances of office romance increase?

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Before a month ago, I must admit that I had never heard of this company.  Yet we keep discussing this company in my class because Joel Postman gives this company kudos for progressive use of social media.  My fearless professor contacted Zappos to ask if they would speak to our class regarding their corporate culture and use of social media.  They immediately accepted!  Yesterday, Thomas Knoll from Zappos Skyped into our class to meet with us.  He was so honest and cool that our whole class found him incredibly likeable.  He spoke with us despite being hit by Nerf darts throughout the call. 

Here is what I have learned:

  • Zappos sells shoes.
  • Next to Google, this seems like the 2nd coolest place to work.  I want to work there.  I already own my own Nerf gun, so I am ready to start.
  • This company measures success on customer satisfaction.  The emphasis of financial reward is secondary to “wowing” the customer.
  • Zappos does use social media.  They have a CEO Blog, Twitter accounts – etc, etc.  However their primary contact with their customer is through (brace yourself) the good, old fashioned TELEPHONE.  They want the direct contact. That means they favor and seek for the method that will allow them a direct interaction their customer.  Get this – their goal is to make the customer happy. 


I wish my cell phone company, Cable Company, insurance company (well I could go on and on here) would adopt that same policy.


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The unexpected beauty found in Sedona, Arizona

On day three of my Arizona visit we headed to Sedona.  It is about an hour or so to drive there from my in-law’s home in Phoenix.  We were promised red mountains and so we all anxiously awaited the view of them.  Postcards and Google pictures simply cannot prepare you for the site of these mountains when you are able to see them personally.  They are spectacular.  This is what I thought all of Arizona would look like before I came here.  These red mountains look to me like enormous, colorful, inverted icicles that are jutting from the earth.  I found myself thinking of Radiator Springs.  If any of you have watched the movie “Cars” then you understand the reference.

Once in the town of Sedona, I am immediately reminded of Lake George, New York.  Lake George is a seasonally popular tourist town that has a tourist strip on one side of the lake.  While there wasn’t a body of water close by, the similarities between the places were quite remarkable considering how far apart these two places are geographically. 

There were some distinctions, naturally.  The very first


place we visited had to be one of the coolest shops I had ever visited.  It had rugs made of the hides of animals such as cows and caribou.  Caribou!  It had the most exquisite leather goods such as purses, wallets and belts made by the local American Indians.  We were greeted by a woman of modest proportions and this only exaggerated her large firearm that was holstered at her hip. 

So that is a little different.

She reminded me a lot of my Aunt Sherry.  I could see my Aunt running this store, working with the local American Indians to showcase and sell their leather wares and jewelry while painting the landscape on her easel in the back – all the while having her “cowboy gun” (as she calls her revolver) strapped to her hip in the same fashion.

I am reading a book called “The Lovely Bones”.  It is a remarkably disturbing book, but there is something beautiful about it.  What makes it beautiful is the view that the dead have on our lives here on earth.  The way that they can see us and feel what we are feeling but can have limited influence on our lives.

I lost my Uncle a few months ago.  Sometimes, I feel that he is with me.  Reading this book is enhancing that feeling.  When I was in Sedona, I felt as though he was walking beside me, pointing my attention here and there.  As if we were seeing this place together for the first time.  In that way, I stood before a shop window admiring the revolvers thinking of him when I spotted a knife.  Not really a knife, but something that represented an arrowhead strapped to a bone of an animal with a leather tie.  It was beautiful.  I was overwhelmed with the desire to buy this for Uncle Don this Christmas.  It was then that I realized he didn’t need it because wherever he was now he could touch and admire these beautiful things at any time he felt like it.  I felt as though he was saying that to me, so I wouldn’t be sad.  My son came up to me at that moment and said, “Uncle Don would have liked it here.”  If I could have spoken at that moment, I would have told him, “Baby, he is already here.”

As we walked down the strip I admired the motorcycles where the people drove without helmets – it is not a law here to wear them as it is in New York – I felt very much at peace. 

Sedona is not a place to live.  It is so remote it is like being on another planet and that makes the people there seem peculiar to me.  However, it is my hope that Aunt Sherry finds her way here one day when she is ready.  It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. 


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Media Ethics

Sounds like a snooze fest right?  That is exactly what I thought until I went to one class.  I am not sure if it is the subject matter that makes this class so good or if it is the professor.  He is the calmest, coolest cat around.  I feel so relaxed after leaving this class that I feel like I do after a yoga class.  Invigorated and refreshed.

We have to write 2, 25 page papers for this class.  Writing!   🙂

But we have to write about media ethics.  Hmmm…

And we have to sound intelligent about it.  Hmmm…

I guess the thing that really freaks me out is that it is a research paper.  You have to do research.  Which is fine, but I really don’t know how to go about researching anything credible – well beyond Google and Wikipedia that is.  How do you research a topic without reading half of the library?  How do you weed it down?  Is it even necessary in this day and age to go to the library?  Do I have to go to the library and confess to the librarian that I am a graduate student that knows nothing about research?  Can’t I sit here in my jammies to research on my computer?

I think it is a travesty that I have graduated from college without learning this critical skill.  I think this should be a course that you take right after you are accepted.  Speaking of ethics, I don’t think that it is ethical that research is not emphasized in the college curriculum, darn it! 

I may just have to go to the student services center and see if they can help me.  Yuck.  Maybe I will just start with Google.  I will start a search of “how to do educational research”.  Does this seem humorous to anyone else?

If any of you reading this now and would like to impart some words of wisdom, boy would I be appreciative.


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Going back to college at 37…

This is my first blog.  I am not afraid to admit that it all feels a little foreign to me.  It seems like a diary that other people can read, judge and comment upon.  In that sense, it is not at all different to the diary I kept as a girl where my mom and friends would read it at their whim when they came across it in the ever secret hiding spot.  You know, between the mattress and box spring. 

Then I wrote about cute boys, classroom bullies and the time when I wrote on the bathroom wall at my Aunt’s house with crayon so my baby cousin would get in trouble.  This malicious plot inevitably backfired as it was me who ended up in trouble after my diary was found and read like the National Inquirer.  At eight I didn’t know I was entitled to legal representation so I eventually caved and admitted to my misdeeds.  This whole self-induced trauma caused me to swear off diaries.

Until now apparently. Now in the new age where we call these diaries “blogs”.  Crazy.

While I would like to be a writer, I am not.  I am a lazy doodler who relies on spell check.  My grammar is sketchy and I have to use Google every time I want to use the word “effect”.  Or is it affect…

So get ready to judge. 

I am 37 years old and I just started my Graduate degree.  I have earned my bachelors degree at the geriatric age of 34.  That was  a wild ride.  Though, of all of my personal achievements, this was the one that was single-handedly the greatest.  It was at times, awkward, challenging, and financially strenuous but it was mostly exhilarating and exciting. 

And that ladies and gentleman is why I went back for more.  But, I forgot some things.  I forgot what it was like to feel like chaperone in a group of my classmates.  I forgot about the feelings of inadequacy.  I did not however forget the delicious taste of the sweet accomplishment earning my degree. That is what I have to remind myself of daily. 

This road, just like every other one in my life, has ups and downs.  That’s what I am here to write about.  I just started this journey and who knows where it will lead me.

Knowing myself as I do, I fully expect that I will say or retell an actual experience that will be just as stupid as writing on a bathroom wall hoping someone else will take the fall for it.  It is kind of scary putting my experiences out in the open.  I may regret some or all of it, but I have a feeling I won’t end up grounded at the end of it.  Considering that, it makes this process a bit less intimidating.


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