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Checking account balance… zero

Ah, the joys of unemployment. In my life though I am very lucky and I always get what I need when I need it. A kick in the pants, a flash of reality or in this case a big refund check from my student loan. Man, did that come in the nick of time. It seems that I can take out a larger loan than my tuition requires for living expenses. Well isn’t that jim dandy.

What will I buy? A facial? New shoes? A pony?

Maybe I’ll just pay some bills and buy some groceries. Who cares if this is not a prudent financial decision. Unless Suze Orman is subscribing to this blog, then I will allow myself to feel good for the relief that this extra cash gave us.

I don’t get the feeling that ol’ Suze has had a financial pinch in quite some time anyway.

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