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Love for Thanksgiving; an acquired taste

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day for so many reasons but for a long time it was my least favorite holiday.  It is the day when lots of unresolved family issues have a way of bubbling to the surface.  For a long time, I associated this day with family quarrels. Until one year I spent it alone with my high-school boyfriend.  We had steak.  Hands down, that was the best Thanksgiving ever. That handsome young buck is now my husband.

Years later a new tradition began.  My friend Alex would always come into town the day before Thanksgiving.  It would be the one day of the year that we’d go out, catch up and have a few drinks together.  For those few years Thanksgiving was synonymous with hangover. 

One year we had our pre-Thanksgiving festivities at home.  My aunt came over with my family and our friends.  It was our mission to make pies for the next day.  I don’t know if it was the new Kitchen-Aid mixer or the flow of the merlot, but we couldn’t stop.  We were preparing dessert for a crew of 16, yet we ended up with 19 pies.  That’s a lot O’ pie.

My uncle and my husband were not quite entertained by the fact that our alcohol fueled baking spree did produce a bounty of dessert… and a kickin’ hangover.  It was a quiet dinner that year. 

As we got older and children entered the picture, my friend Alex and I saw each other less and our Wednesday before Thanksgiving activities stopped.  I haven’t cooked a holiday meal in a few years. 

I don’t hate this holiday anymore.  As I snuggled up on couch this morning, watching the Macy’s parade with my husband and my son, I realized that this holiday isn’t all bad.  It is just like everything in life – it is what you make of it.  Although it will be different each year, some things will remain the same.  Thanksgiving means taking the time to spend with those that you love and considering what you are truly grateful for.  Even if what you are truly grateful for is aspirin and alka seltzer.

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A train ran through my house

Each day can be a roller coaster ride.  The morning started out on a high note.  I was getting ready to chaperone a field trip with my son when it occurred to me that I am finally living my dream.  I am a stay at home mom, full time student and a writer.  This is what I have always hoped to be. 

Just one small flaw in that plan – no income. Well, yet.  I have to work on that.  It is really a problem.

But anyway the show we saw on the class field trip was really great.  My son watched certain parts of the Little Mermaid with great interest.  Like the part when the witch was concocting the magic potion by mixing various liquids together.  I didn’t realize that this scene was foreshadowing a future event in my life. 

After school was over, we race home to wash up, get a snack, do Kindergarten homework quickly and then I have to head for my evening classes.  Kisses to all – goodnight to my boys.

Class was great.  I sure was tired.  I couldn’t wait to get into my PJ’s.  On the way home I call my husband.  The tone of his voice tells me that the evening was eventful. 

Once I arrive home, I realize that the first floor of my home has been transformed into what appears to be a frat house.  There is clothing, boots, school books, food containers and empty beverage glasses strewn from one end to the next.  The recyclables have been organized in a highly irregular fashion on the kitchen floor.  

My goodness, how long was I gone?

I go to the bathroom quick before I can even think about this mess.  I go to wash my hands.  There is red paint all over the sink, on the bar of soap and there are no towels to be found. 

Uh oh. 

I go find my somewhat frazzled husband who proceeds to tell me the crimes my son committed this evening.  There were several:

  • A science project went awry.  Apparently there was a “potion” concoction of juice, seltzer and an unidentified powder like substance (I think it was pop rocks and fun dip mixed together).  This is the part where my son received his inspiration from the little mermaid.  He also told his father that the juice was “just fine” and we should drink it.  Yum. This was apparently the cause for the first intensive clean up of the evening. 
  • Daddy’s little helper tried to assist with an car oil change and ended up whacking himself with one of the tools.  The oil change was halted in favor of the medical attention required to fix the “boo boo”.  Clean up number two. 
  • In an attempt to stay out of Daddy’s hair, there was a painting excursion where Drew took it upon himself to take out my acrylic paint and do some painting.  Evidenced by the paint I found in the bathroom.  Clean up number three.

Suddenly, my husband’s irritated mood makes a bit more sense.  We clean up the house together and I get more and more information about their evening together.  Supper consisted of left over mac and cheese and sweet and sour chicken.  Not abuse, but not something recommended on the food pyramid either.  There is some sort of a cryptic note from my 5-year-old to his “daaD”.  I think this was either the confession or the apology letter. 

As I was driving the bulldozer through my living room mess I realized how tough it can be to balance college with everything else.  I am not even working now.  I can barely keep up without a job.  I think that today is evidence that I am not doing such a great job at “keeping up”. 

I am not discouraged yet.  All things considered, the day was still pretty great. 

And while today was my ideal dream day, I don’t think my husband can say the same.


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