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Ehh? Can you speak up; my hearing aide batteries are dying

Earlier this week, I sat in the student center trying to finish a paper when I found myself distracted by two teeny boppers (obviously freshmen) whispering like crazy. 

Come on girls.  Speak up.  I am old.  I can hardly eavesdrop if you are speaking so quietly. 

Surely you know this because I am certain it is me that you are whispering about.  Me and my big rapper headphones that I use to TUNE YOU OUT. 

Their immaturity rubbed off on me and I huffed at them before I went to the bathroom.  That trick turned out to be pretty effective because when I returned, they were gone. 

I put my headphones back on so I could go back to listening to Mozart and working on my paper.  I was thinking the whole time that I should move my study time to Barnes and Noble, Starbucks or the Rec Room of the nursing home down the street.  I may fit in better there and can possibly get more done.


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