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Uncle Garry and the Heartbreakers

In August, I wrote a blog post about my Uncle Garry.  I am thinking of him with love tonight and want to repost this again today.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

This summer, we went to see my Uncle Garry play in his band at the Broadalbin Hotel in Broad Albin by Sacandaga Lake.  He plays every Sunday.  The audience was a bit older than we were, but that didn’t stop one spry fellow to demonstrate his dancing prowess by throwing (literally) his dance partners during the square dance routine.  I am admittedly not versed in the art of square dancing, but up until that night I was not aware that there was a move that required the female partner to become airborne.  After a mild injury and an angry wife’s wrath (who was not the woman he was throwing up in the air) the fellow was persuaded to conclude this activity.  It was a HOOT.

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We had such a good time at this event!   My uncle has played guitar his whole life, yet as I sat there, I couldn’t remember ever hearing him play.  It was so nice just to watch him.  About six songs into the set, Uncle Garry started to sing.  Sing!  All of the ladies got really quiet and started “shushing” people so they could listen.  All at once I could see why.  Uncle Garry has got a set of pipes on him.  Dang, that boy can sing.  How had I missed this for so long!? 

Take a listen.  I am no videographer (obviously) so I apologize for the terrible quality.  

It is only a matter of time before Jay Leno sees this. 

What I loved about the evening is seeing a side of my Uncle that I could appreciate as an adult.  I love this guy and I am so glad to see him doing something that he loves so much and is so darned good at. 

To some he may just be an average Joe, but to many he is a celebrity in the Adirondacks

But more importantly, he is my uncle, who I love very much.  I am thinking of him tonight with love and prayers.


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