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Changing course – Pun intended

I had to go back to college.  Sitting at home undertaking a fruitless job search each day was leading me to an early grave.  I had to make the most of it to take this time to get my degree.  Then I would be that much more marketable when this job market finally started to recover. 

I got busy.  I wrote my essay and applied to the school of communications at St. Rose.    I looked over the courses.  Some of them looked very interesting.  It was scary though.  What did I know about Communications?  Absolutely nothing. 

So I made my list of pros and cons of entering the communications program. 


1)   Very interesting classes.

2)   Professional applicability.  Every profession requires excellent communication skills.  I just wasn’t jazzed about it yet. 

3)   I could earn my degree much quicker in communications than in Creative Writing.  Got to get back to work.  Darn mortgage.


1)   This felt an awful lot like selling myself short.  I am really against that. 

2)   I don’t like putting my writing dream further on the back burner.  Not getting any younger Alicia.  If not now, then when?

3)   If I did enter the communications program, I would be depriving myself of the dazzling future interview question:  “I see you have a degree in Creative Writing.  Interesting.  Please explain how this will help you in this Human Resources Position.” 

I submitted my application, but every day I kept second guessing myself.  Should I just go back and take a few more classes in English and follow my heart?  I’d have to take British Literature (yuck), a Shakespeare course (ugh) and some other equally dreary classes in order to even be considered into the program.  While I may be a prolific reader by some standards I stick to the latest in best-selling fiction, whatever book a friend has passed along to me, the Oprah Magazine and the Chinese take-out menus.  I just wanted to learn how to be a writer; I didn’t really feel like reliving my high school English classes.  I skipped most of them for a reason. 

But man, I really wanted to write.  Did I make the right choice to apply to the Communications program?


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