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Irons in the fire

I realize I have been somewhat spotty about my blogging in the past two weeks, but there are great reasons for that!  I have been working on some things that I am pretty jazzed about.  I had an article published on our local newspaper’s website, I have teamed up with with an exciting new business and I have been actually making some decent strides in what has turned out to be the most challenging semester of my grad school experience so far.  I also have a few guest bloggers lined up that will be writing in to give another perspective about life as a returning adult student. 

I plan to bring you up to speed this week. 

Thanks for hanging in!    


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Grandmaster funk

I am in a funk.  I am not too thrilled with school right now either.  I know, this sounds really hypocritical of me.  I wrote a book about going back to school as an adult.  It is my life’s mission to inspire adults to do it too, and here I am complaining. 

Like everything else in life, not all days can be good.  Today is one of those days.  See, I should be done with the summer semester.  I have two projects to finish.  I had to ask both of my professors for extensions on these projects.  So while my classmates are free and clear, I am chained to this desk.  My son and husband just went to the park.  It is gorgeous outside.  GRRRRR… 

My heart has not been into it this semester.  Did you ever have a couple of bad weeks?  When you have a couple of bad weeks in the middle of a 6 week semester, well you have a bad semester.  That’s the problem with summer sessions. There is absolutely no forgiveness.  One missed class, a missed project could sink the whole affair. 

I am trying to take my own advice.  I am two projects away from being free from the summer.  I’d better just get to it.

Got to dunk the funk.  Funk a dunk, dunk.


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The time is ripe to go back to school

I met with Elaine Houston and much to my disappointment Oprah Winfrey has not yet called.  Nor has Ellen DeGeneres.  I keep checking the dial tone on my phone to make sure it hasn’t malfunctioned.

Why aren’t they calling?  😉

I really don’t know what is next to be honest.  I am glad to have found a passion, even if it was so late in my life.  I want to be an advocate for the adult learner.  As the over thirty crowd find themselves back at school we will all start to witness what has already started to occur – the average age of a “traditional student” will become older.  The age demographic will be much more blended.  Our nation is depressed.  The number of Americans who are still without work are alarmingly high. 

It is scary for people without degrees.  Corporate America has a prejudice against them.  As a former HR professional for a global company – I know it firsthand.  Adults without college degrees know how to survive.  These are the individuals doing the real work, the hard work and never get compensated nearly enough for it.  These are the people that can budget, raise a family on a shoestring and juggle a checkbook that may often be balanced with red ink.  Yes, they are scrappy.   They know how to survive, but rarely can thrive.  I know.  Personally.

Now it is time to develop a movement.  To get every person who is unhappy with their job, sick of being mistreated by their bosses, sitting at home unemployed or just simply bored to go back to school.  That is what my book is about.  My book is only the beginning.  The beginning of awareness, what comes next is the creation of national organization that supports adult learning, and a change in the way the colleges recruit and support adult students.  

This is a movement that is about to happen whether or not you and I are a part of it. Adults are flocking back to school regardless of their age to improve their lives and the lives of their families.  There are many more to come.  Wouldn’t it be exciting to be part of it? 

You may know someone who wants to go back to school.  I see them everywhere – the Clinique counter, the grocery store, the unemployment training office and in the faces of my family and friends.  You may be that person. 

I want to help each of these people. 

So, Oprah and Ellen haven’t called yet.  And I am just kidding you in my delusion that they ever will. We can use social media to our advantage though and spread the word.  If you are thinking of going back to school or know someone who is – then read my sample chapters. 


Pass it to someone who is considering going to college.  Give me some HONEST feedback.  I want to get it just right so I can really help people.


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Crisis Communications

This is my third and final class.  I love this class too.  How can these professors be professors?  I thought this profession was reserved for stodgy old know it alls.  Not mine.  Mine are just cool people who I would like to chat with.  Maybe it is because our age and professional experience makes me connect with them more than my classmates.  Maybe I am just lucky and they are really down to earth people.  My crisis professor is just awesome.  No other way to describe her.  She is the girl who never seems frazzled.  No matter what life throws at her she is always going to say the right thing in a polished and professional way that won’t piss anyone off.  Man, I admire the heck out of her.  This class teaches us how to be professional in the worst situations.  No tests in this class either.  That is three for three.  Grad school is all right.  No tests, just papers and projects.  I know I can swing this.

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Day Two

After the second day I have had the benefit of attending all three of my classes. They are all awesome. I love them, I love my professors and I am really getting jazzed about this entire program.

What I love about going back to school is that I feel vibrantly alive. I feel young…ger. I love that feeling.

The only thing about this program though is that it seems to me though that everyone really knows each other. I am the new one to this crowd. I don’t know the secret handshake yet. On the up side, I am not the oldest one. I figure that two people are older than me. I am not going to focus on the fact that they are the professors. Only two of them.

I am pretty sure that the third professor is about 4 years my junior.


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Idiot proof. Oxymoron – at least for me

Ok, so I made a small error on the FAFSA.  The college caught it and called me. It was a quick fix. 

Lucky for me the school does not employ this as a screening process.  You know – if you aren’t smart enough to fill out this form maybe you shouldn’t be in college – type of screening. 

I think they just put a note in your file that says you are a “special needs” student. 

If the shoe fits… 

I could use the extra attention.

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I received this letter from the College of St. Rose dated October 26, 2009: “I am pleased to inform you that our Faculty Review Committee has approved your application to the Master of Arts Program in Communications at The College of St. Rose beginning in the Spring 2010 semester”

And the crowd goes wild.


Enclosed was the graduate catalog I am to refer to so that I may understand the requirements of the program. This is where it says I must maintain a B average. If I earn less than a B in any course I must repeat it.



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