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Ode to the laundry

I have so much going on now that things are starting to slip.  Some days it is so challenging to balance it all.  For example yesterday, I was looking for my favorite wool sweater and I just couldn’t find it.  Last night, I found it in the washing machine.

Look how cute it is.  It is so small it is absurd.  As a frame of comparison, I have a normal sized sweater on the left.  I am actually quite impressed with how small wool gets when water hits it. What would have happened if I wore it during a rain storm?

All of this inspired me to write a ballad to my arch-enemy… the laundry.  I have several evil villains in the domestic category, so I suspect that the “Ode’s” will be a recurring theme in this blog.

Ode to the laundry

This arranged marriage of necessity
Is not really working out for me
Your incessant demand for attention creates quite a calamity

The wash… the fold
It is all getting really old

You rebel with missing socks
And wool sweaters that shrink… A LOT

An unwanted wrinkle if kept waiting too long
Forces me to resort to the dreaded iron

A hidden red in a load of whites
Oh, I am on to you alright

I fantasize of having an affair
With the Wash N’ Fold in the market square

The clean smell, the happy faces
Of the patrons leaving these places

One day I’ll poke in and inquire
To free myself of this burdensome mire

The daydream of something new
Sure beats the misery of tending to you

Oh the temptation… the desire
Makes my pulse quicken, my heart afire

Yet since my wallet is thin,
I’ll find myself content with you again.

With my ball and chain I will keep my wishes at bay,
I shall toil and fold and put away
All while dreaming of a better day


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My Temporary Ugg Insanity

So I am officially back in the swing of my routine.  Whatever that means.  There is something frantic about me most days.  It is such a blessing is that the dress code is quite relaxed.  This makes choosing clothing much easier.  I have worn jeans every day.  My business attire and “business casual” attire sits in my closet.  That’s fine.  The object is to blend in here, as best I possibly can.

A large part of the young college population wear pajamas around campus.  Typically, I see the pajamas with a pair of Ugg boots, but it isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility to see a person wearing their slippers with their PJ’s.  Seriously.

I wonder if there was ever a time when I felt comfortable enough to wear PJ’s to school. 

I wonder if I stand out as much as I think I do. 

I don’t think I would be exaggerating when I say that about 80% of the female population at my college wears Uggs.  I used to think they were UGGly. 

I don’t know if it is because I am seeing them so much or if it is my desire to fit in here, but I decided I wanted a pair. 

So I went on e-bay and found a brand new super cool pair of uggs that were in my size.  My size is a bit hard to find, so I felt fortunate.  These were not the UGGly kind – these were cool.  I actually bid on these.  For four days I dreamed about how cool it would be to wear them.

They sold for $95.00.  And not to me.  Thankfully.  I bought groceries instead.  Probably the better choice.  😉

About a week later the fad faded on me.  It also started getting warmer.  Now everyone is wearing flip-flops.   In the end I was glad it all worked out.

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