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Our own radio show!

On the day of the recording, we meet in class and break into our respective groups.  We are preparing for our radio show where we are to vet out the pros and cons of a Viagra – type drug for women.  My group is a group of four and is much more manageable in size and in personality than the previously larger one.  As we discuss our game plan, I find myself wondering if we have the maturity level to pull this off.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is something about the subject of sex that makes people a lot more giggly.  We notice that our classmates have become quite quiet as they eavesdrop on our racy conversation.

When it is our turn, we head down to the impressive radio studio in our communications building.  It was so much fun to put on headphones and sit in front of the microphones.  It was very Howard Stern-ish.  Especially considering our discussion topic.   

The head of the communications department was in the radio control room running the show.   We are in another sound proof room sitting at a round table; each at our own respective microphone.  We can see the control room through a large window.

As we move through our discussion we get cues from the professor in the radio room.  In our headphones we hear him tell us things like, “Mic 3, wrap it up” or “Mic 2, get ready to moderate”  which we are clearly not used to because when he does this we stop talking completely right in the middle of the radio show.  With this type of flow our chatty group is suddenly very concise and on task.  Perhaps we need to adapt this type of process when we are having group discussion in class.  It gives me a smile to think of my professor saying, “Ok wrap it up.”

It didn’t take long for us to find our grove and everyone (except me) seemed relaxed.  The conversation was natural and often funny. 

I do not embarrass easily.  This is because I am a klutz by nature and anyone who lacks grace gets used to the sensation of feeling foolish.  However, my cheeks were on fire for the entire 30 minutes of this conversation. 

That really didn’t matter though.  What a rush!  It was so much fun.  I can see how people do this for a living.

This is really what the college experience is all about for me. It is the dread of being forced out of my comfort zone only to then to feel elation for conquering a new challenge when I have completed it.  That was a good day.


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You will never crave water, but if honey was all that you had – you’d beg for water.

–      Chinese proverb

As humans we are quite aquatic, don’t you think?  We vacation by the water, real estate is outrageously priced should it have any proximity to a body of water, the bottled water industry is a booming sensation and water required to see a rainbow.

If you’ve spent any time by the water then you understand what all the hub-bub is about.  It is an instant relaxing, mind-clearing experience.  Your body’s breathing and heart rate slow.  You see things with clarity and feel forgiving.

I am certain that the real treasure at the end of the rainbow is a beautiful body of water.


 Rainbow Image Taken from:  Google Images


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Why not ask?

I am inspired.  Let me tell you why:

As you know, my Social Media professor asked Zappos to attend a Skype (video conferencing) call with our class and they accepted.  We spoke with Thomas Knoll who made all of us Zappoholics.  When my professor made these arrangements, it seemed cool to me at the time, but not earth shattering.

Until she said, “See what can happen if you just ask?”  She never thought about why Zappos wouldn’t or shouldn’t respond to her request or why she wouldn’t or shouldn’t request it.

She further stated we should never fall into the “yeah, but…”  I was the moron that never heard of that statement and asked what the heck she was talking about.  “Yeah, but…” is the beginning of the conversation we have with ourselves and others when we are considering asking for something out of the ordinary.

It goes like this:

Alicia says to herself:  “I want to ask Bill Cosby to write the foreward to my book because he was such a huge inspiration to me in my pursuit of returning to college.”

Alicia responds:  “Yeah, but I will feel like a hopeless idiot asking him that.  Besides why would he take time and effort for a nobody like me?”

You get the idea.

Want to be inspired too?  Click on my professor’s link:  Why Not Ask and tab through her new blog.  It will get you excited.  She contacted the very companies that were presented in our social media textbook, Social Corp, but what’s more she contacted Joel Postman, the author too.  They all said YES to Skypeing in and meeting with her fall class.

So what I want to know is – what is YOUR burning question that you feel too intimidated to ask?

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Is Facebook Privacy an Oxymoron?

I have a dilemma.  Do you remember the Snowboarding Olympian, Scotty Lago?  He was the young man who won a bronze metal and then was photographed in a compromising position.  What do you think of that?  See, when we discussed this topic in class that night I was in the lone minority when I said that we are taking this a little too seriously.  My stance was that this kid is in his early twenties and he was on a winning high and so he did something stupid.

Did you ever do something stupid in your 20’s? 

Well I have.  If you knew me in my then please know that I am not desirous of reminiscing. 


So that was my stance with Scotty Lago.  Here though is my dilemma.  I have a rigid double standard.  As an HR professional, I would not wish to see lewd actions posted on facebook by employees, candidates, peers or management. 

So why do I allow Scotty slack?  Gees, I am not really sure.  I agree with all of the arguments about how he should be held to a higher standard as an Olympian, and he should be smart enough not to do the act in the first place when everyone in the world has a camera on their telephone.  And that is what happened isn’t it?  He put his bronze medal on his precious jewels and had a woman kiss it.  Saucy.  People WILL take pictures of that even if you are not an Olympian.  Then this picture spread virally through the internet. 

Many people post incriminating pictures of themselves on their facebook page.  Just a tip, turn on the privacy settings and don’t befriend your boss or a journalist if you truly expect it to be private.

In yesterday’s Daily Gazette, there is an article (attached) that encourages businesses to adopt a social media policy.  I like that.  Some of it seems obvious, but I like the implication.  It says that more companies are allowing their employees to use social media, but there should be a code of standards that surround that use.  It is just good business practice to develop policies and enforce them to cultivate the expected behavior of their employees.

Click here to read the article.

As an employee of a company, using social media on behalf of that company, we have certain responsibilities to uphold and that is where the policy could help clear up any ambiguity in that area.  Joel Postman says, “Don’t put anything in writing (or) any form unless you don’t mind seeing it on the front page of the New York Times.” 

That is sound advice.  What do you think?

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Before a month ago, I must admit that I had never heard of this company.  Yet we keep discussing this company in my class because Joel Postman gives this company kudos for progressive use of social media.  My fearless professor contacted Zappos to ask if they would speak to our class regarding their corporate culture and use of social media.  They immediately accepted!  Yesterday, Thomas Knoll from Zappos Skyped into our class to meet with us.  He was so honest and cool that our whole class found him incredibly likeable.  He spoke with us despite being hit by Nerf darts throughout the call. 

Here is what I have learned:

  • Zappos sells shoes.
  • Next to Google, this seems like the 2nd coolest place to work.  I want to work there.  I already own my own Nerf gun, so I am ready to start.
  • This company measures success on customer satisfaction.  The emphasis of financial reward is secondary to “wowing” the customer.
  • Zappos does use social media.  They have a CEO Blog, Twitter accounts – etc, etc.  However their primary contact with their customer is through (brace yourself) the good, old fashioned TELEPHONE.  They want the direct contact. That means they favor and seek for the method that will allow them a direct interaction their customer.  Get this – their goal is to make the customer happy. 


I wish my cell phone company, Cable Company, insurance company (well I could go on and on here) would adopt that same policy.


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Ehh? Can you speak up; my hearing aide batteries are dying

Earlier this week, I sat in the student center trying to finish a paper when I found myself distracted by two teeny boppers (obviously freshmen) whispering like crazy. 

Come on girls.  Speak up.  I am old.  I can hardly eavesdrop if you are speaking so quietly. 

Surely you know this because I am certain it is me that you are whispering about.  Me and my big rapper headphones that I use to TUNE YOU OUT. 

Their immaturity rubbed off on me and I huffed at them before I went to the bathroom.  That trick turned out to be pretty effective because when I returned, they were gone. 

I put my headphones back on so I could go back to listening to Mozart and working on my paper.  I was thinking the whole time that I should move my study time to Barnes and Noble, Starbucks or the Rec Room of the nursing home down the street.  I may fit in better there and can possibly get more done.


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Checking account balance… zero

Ah, the joys of unemployment. In my life though I am very lucky and I always get what I need when I need it. A kick in the pants, a flash of reality or in this case a big refund check from my student loan. Man, did that come in the nick of time. It seems that I can take out a larger loan than my tuition requires for living expenses. Well isn’t that jim dandy.

What will I buy? A facial? New shoes? A pony?

Maybe I’ll just pay some bills and buy some groceries. Who cares if this is not a prudent financial decision. Unless Suze Orman is subscribing to this blog, then I will allow myself to feel good for the relief that this extra cash gave us.

I don’t get the feeling that ol’ Suze has had a financial pinch in quite some time anyway.

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