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Irons in the fire

I realize I have been somewhat spotty about my blogging in the past two weeks, but there are great reasons for that!  I have been working on some things that I am pretty jazzed about.  I had an article published on our local newspaper’s website, I have teamed up with with an exciting new business and I have been actually making some decent strides in what has turned out to be the most challenging semester of my grad school experience so far.  I also have a few guest bloggers lined up that will be writing in to give another perspective about life as a returning adult student. 

I plan to bring you up to speed this week. 

Thanks for hanging in!    


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Is “Vending Machine” a category on the food pyramid?

This vending machine was made by National Vend...

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It is approximately half way through the fall semester.  I am feeling the “mid semester slump” in a very real way.  The honeymoon phase is officially over.  The honeymoon phase only last a couple of weeks; it is the beginning of each semester when it is all fun and exciting to consider all that you will be learning.  Then routine sets in and the work load starts to wear you out.  Before you know it, you are racing around trying to get it all done, reducing your sleep, running your body down and constantly feeling like you are “coming down with something”.  Before you know it you are on a steady diet of coffee, Theraflu and dinner comes from a vending machine twice a week. 

Not ideal.

I am going to have to use the next school break to detox and live on a diet of celery sticks and OJ. 

Wait, the next break is Thanksgiving. 

That plan may not work out.


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Summer, summer, summer. It’s like a merry-go-round

I have opted to take 2 summer classes this semester.  Summer semesters at The College of St. Rose are split into two 6 week sessions.  I have elected to take 6 credits during the first 6 week semester.  It is a great way to get credits out of the way quickly, but it is a long 6 weeks.  I know.  I have done it before.  This means that until the end of June I will be in class 3 days per week.  The classes are longer than usual because you have so much you have to cram into a 6 week block. 

I started classes on Monday.  I am taking a New Media Production class, which is an extension of the Digital Media Production class that I told you about in the spring.  So at least I have some exposure to the equipment now.  It is less intimidating.  Less. 

I am also taking a Social Media class.  And that is where all of you come in.  Part of the class work will require me to blog about the class.  So I feel ahead of the game.  Since I am already blogging about school this seems like an easy transition to start blogging about this course specifically.  Two days a week, I will be blogging about this class in Social Media.  That means I will be taking you along on the journey with me.  It will be fun!

This also means that my professor will be reading my posts and possibly my classmates.  That is a little intimidating.  If you are reading this blog for the first time, then please go back and read my first post.  Then you can understand the theme behind my blog and more importantly, understand that grammar is not something that I take too seriously.  I just hope I don’t cringe when I look back at my posts in a year from now.


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I’ve got a disease…

If you are a Rob Thomas / Matchbox 20 fan, the lyrics of that song should be running through your head.

If you are not, stop reading this now and go and download that song.  I’ll wait.

I do have a disease though.  More like a neurosis.  I have this fiery desire to have a 4.0 average in school.  You have been with me throughout this semester and you know that I am no model student.  An Arizona trip, skipping class because of a run – in with the law, procrastination, blogging and more procrastination have all seriously impeded the possibility for a special award upon graduation. 

You would think that all of these factors, to any logical and intelligent person would dictate that I should aim a little lower as far as my grades are concerned.  I guess that means I am none of those things because I am seriously working toward and hoping for a 4.0.

Ironically, I am not a fan of the 4.0.  I think it creates stress and a poor quality of life for anyone who tries to achieve it.  Once you have it you drive yourself and everyone around you absolutely bonkers trying to maintain it the following semester. 

I have achieved it before.   A few times actually.  It’s a drug – that’s what it is.  I remember wanting to laminate my grades and tape them to my forehead. 

If you knew me in high school or grade school you are laughing.  I can hear you.  You think this is comedy.  It kind of is.  In those years, I had all I could do to show up. 

So why now is it so darned important?  I don’t know.  It is a feeling of validation I guess.  

I was a college drop out for far longer in my life than I was a graduate.  It was intimidating as hell going back.  Having good grades really substantiates why I am doing this.  As shallow as it may seem, it substantiates my self-worth as a student. 

I only need a B average to graduate.  No job that I will ever apply to will care one hoot about my grade point average.  They don’t put your GPA on your diploma.  For all of these reasons, it really matters to no one but me if I have a 4.0.  For all of those reasons, I should stop trying to earn it.

But I just started my master’s program and right now my record is perfect because the grades aren’t in yet.  So the neurosis has kicked in.  I will be up late a lot these next few days trying to get my last of my papers just perfect in the hopes… the hopes that maybe one day…

I will get into a good mental institution.


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