How to stay healthy?

Seriously, I am asking.  I am at my son’s school each day.  Every elementary school is a  festival for all germs and freakish diseases.  So I use hand sanitizer promptly upon my departure.  I have a stash in my glove box.  When I leave my college (another germ-fest) I do the same.  I have been taking 1,000 mg of vitamin C daily, chasing that with a cup full of Airborne, drinking tea, washing my hands until my skin is raw, wearing warm socks and still I feel it coming on. 

I am now officially collecting all home remedies.  I don’t care how strange it may be, if you have any good tips on how to stay healthy during the school year, please share.

I’m plum out of ideas.

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2 responses to “How to stay healthy?

  1. Erin

    As a nutritin educator and as a mom, a yogurt a day really helps!! Gotta love those live active cultures! Good luck:)

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