Is “Vending Machine” a category on the food pyramid?

This vending machine was made by National Vend...

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It is approximately half way through the fall semester.  I am feeling the “mid semester slump” in a very real way.  The honeymoon phase is officially over.  The honeymoon phase only last a couple of weeks; it is the beginning of each semester when it is all fun and exciting to consider all that you will be learning.  Then routine sets in and the work load starts to wear you out.  Before you know it, you are racing around trying to get it all done, reducing your sleep, running your body down and constantly feeling like you are “coming down with something”.  Before you know it you are on a steady diet of coffee, Theraflu and dinner comes from a vending machine twice a week. 

Not ideal.

I am going to have to use the next school break to detox and live on a diet of celery sticks and OJ. 

Wait, the next break is Thanksgiving. 

That plan may not work out.


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2 responses to “Is “Vending Machine” a category on the food pyramid?

  1. Rolos, Coca-Cola, and Andy Capp Hot Fries, (I know, I know… disgusting combination), got me through my undergrad days.

    ‘Course now that I’m in my thirties, I’ve gotta be a bit more careful.

    But vending machines are my friends, at least when I’m away from home. Just not when the blasted bag of chips gets stuck in the coil…

  2. Or when you get taxed to high for the Cola. Wink, wink. 🙂

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