Are you there God? It’s me, Alicia.

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A priest visited our class last night as a guest speaker.  He had an open dialogue with us.  Prior to class, I had ideas of how he would behave.  I expected this to be a lot like Sunday Mass; a lot of preaching and pontificating.  I was wrong.

This conversation felt enlightening and uplifting.  I walked away tranquil and enveloped in the comfort of my own deep thoughts. 

The concept of religion is unique to the individual.  My ideas about religion and spirituality will differ from yours and I may think differently about the entire thing tomorrow.  It is very fluid for me.

Organized religion in a church is a dying fad in our American culture as we see more and more churches closing.  I wonder if people are truly less religious or are they just finding their spirituality elsewhere.  Maybe people feel more connected to God in the forest or by the sea-shore. 

Imagine if people traded their Hail Mary’s for charitable volunteerism or a random act of kindness when seeking universal redemption. 

Our guest speaker told us that our generation has not yet thought much about God or religion because we may not have had to yet.  He believes that this comes when we are faced with our own immortality; when all that we know, feel and value is about to vanish. 


I found myself contemplating more of my spirituality in recent months.  Difficult times have led me there.  It also led me through them.

He said one thing that I hope to never forget:  “This life will hurt you and then it will kill you.”

We each feel the pain and perhaps that is what makes us all connected. Paradoxically, there is a beauty in that, yes?  We are not alone when we have problems or feel despair.  Those emotions are ones that we all succumb to.  Life is beautiful and it is fragile.  In the end, don’t we all seek a higher power when it is all we have left?

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