Our own radio show!

On the day of the recording, we meet in class and break into our respective groups.  We are preparing for our radio show where we are to vet out the pros and cons of a Viagra – type drug for women.  My group is a group of four and is much more manageable in size and in personality than the previously larger one.  As we discuss our game plan, I find myself wondering if we have the maturity level to pull this off.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is something about the subject of sex that makes people a lot more giggly.  We notice that our classmates have become quite quiet as they eavesdrop on our racy conversation.

When it is our turn, we head down to the impressive radio studio in our communications building.  It was so much fun to put on headphones and sit in front of the microphones.  It was very Howard Stern-ish.  Especially considering our discussion topic.   

The head of the communications department was in the radio control room running the show.   We are in another sound proof room sitting at a round table; each at our own respective microphone.  We can see the control room through a large window.

As we move through our discussion we get cues from the professor in the radio room.  In our headphones we hear him tell us things like, “Mic 3, wrap it up” or “Mic 2, get ready to moderate”  which we are clearly not used to because when he does this we stop talking completely right in the middle of the radio show.  With this type of flow our chatty group is suddenly very concise and on task.  Perhaps we need to adapt this type of process when we are having group discussion in class.  It gives me a smile to think of my professor saying, “Ok wrap it up.”

It didn’t take long for us to find our grove and everyone (except me) seemed relaxed.  The conversation was natural and often funny. 

I do not embarrass easily.  This is because I am a klutz by nature and anyone who lacks grace gets used to the sensation of feeling foolish.  However, my cheeks were on fire for the entire 30 minutes of this conversation. 

That really didn’t matter though.  What a rush!  It was so much fun.  I can see how people do this for a living.

This is really what the college experience is all about for me. It is the dread of being forced out of my comfort zone only to then to feel elation for conquering a new challenge when I have completed it.  That was a good day.


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2 responses to “Our own radio show!

  1. Cool… we didn’t get to play with the radio equipment when I took the interviewing course a year ago. We just did BlogTalkRadio. It was fun, but not as much fun as getting to play in the radio studio.

  2. For me, playing with the toys is really a big part of the fun!

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