The first couple of days of school are so overwhelming.  This is when you review the syllabus, which is just a guideline of what is going to happen in the class.  It gives you a layout of when things are due.  Because you are seeing it all at once, you start to get overwhelmed.  You start thinking, “Oh my goodness, I can’t do this.  I should run out of here right now”.  “What have I gotten myself into?” Or some such thoughts. 

And that is exactly what I am going through at this moment. 

It isn’t the volume of work that is intimidating me, I’ll get it all done.  I am in a panic about the nature of the work.  The one that is bothering me the most is a Journalism class.  As I confessed on my very first blog in February – I’d like to be a writer, but I am really not.  My writing is so woefully imperfect.  If you have been reading along, then you know it too.  I am writing this blog to entertain – mostly myself. 

So yes, I am freaking out.  Add to it my feeling for  journalism, which isn’t always positive.  I don’t need a crystal ball to know how this is going to turn out.

Hey, at least we’ll have some laughs as I make what will undoubtedly be an embarrassing attempt to become a “journalist” a semester.


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8 responses to “I am FREAKING OUT

  1. Laura

    Cailin’s class is tough – but once you get the hang of the style she’s looking for it’s not so bad. Good luck!

  2. Melissa

    From a reader’s standpoint, I think you are a great writer. I always “step in” to your thoughts as I read. The emotion you speak of IS there.

    Journalism, to me, does not sound overwhelmingly fun but you will make it enjoyable as you dictate to us about the daily occurences that you have.

    Looking forward to the laughs but I bet you’ll be just fine.

    • Melissa, it is nice to know that some of what I write here resonates with you. That is the point. I will try to use that in my journalistic endeavors. Believe me, you will laugh I am sure of it! 😉

  3. That’s the class that most concerns me, too. However, it’s not the writing that has me most concerned. It’s the reading. I find myself grumbling about some of the statements made in our textbook. And then I ask myself, am I being fair to the authors of the book? Am I just biased to see journalism in a negative light?

    And your writing is fine. It’ll probably just need some fine-tuning to meet the journalistic styles.

    • Yes, it is so intimidating! The reading is intense. I have such a hard time getting through it all (NY Times and blog included) and doing the other “nice to haves” like sleep and eat. For me it is easier to read. It is passive. Writing and sharing it with our classmates, the TU, the school newspaper and the world takes me out of my comfort zone. I realize that I am blogging on the web right now so that makes my perspective sort of hypocritical, but blogging on my own is for a much different purpose and audience. I have the jitters. Thanks for the encouragement on my writing. Let’s hope Dr. Brown shares your sentiments.

  4. Vinny

    Consider the junk that fills the journalistic in our society. I think you can do better. At least you punctuate properly.

    Get on it, Alicia. Negative energy has little space in your educational agenda. Are you taking autoshop this semester?

    • Vinnie, thanks for the kick in the pants! Great motivation. You are right – I’d better stop feeling intimidated and get to work. I am going to make mistakes along the way, but hey that just makes for better future blogs.

      I loved your comment. Thanks for the perspective.

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