1st Grade

Here is what I’d like to know:  I’d like to know when I will be able to drop my son off for the first day of school and not come home in tears.  All of the other parents are happy and care free and I am sad that my boy is now away from me for the better part of the day until next June. 


I like my kid.  He is really cool.  I miss him when he is gone. ~~sniff, sniff~~

I know that makes me sad and pathetic. 

Tomorrow will be better.


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6 responses to “1st Grade

  1. Melissa

    #1 – You are not sad and pathetic. You are the contrary – a wonderful loving mom…what this world needs more of!

    #2 – I miss my kids too. I like them too. I cried last night when they went to bed early.

    It will get better. It always does. In the mean time, I remind myself that all the fun parties and school activities will begin. That makes me feel better…:-)

    • Melissa you are right! My son was so happy to see his friend that it made me feel so much better. That is the ultimate goal – to see our kids happy and well adjusted. I wish I could be as easy going as he is. Good luck to you as your kids return.

  2. Dierdre Petee

    Agree! You are not sad and pathetic! You will no longer cry when your son goes off to school the day he sleeps until 2 minutes before it’s time to leave the house and you have to practically drag him out of bed in order to get him to school (where he finally ends up, with his breath all stinky and his hair sticking straight up, and without his science binder, which has his homework in it, and you have to go home get it and drop it off at the school office before 9am and you’re late for your important meeting at work!). Yes, your time will come! Until then, revel in the sweetness of your beautiful little guy!

  3. Aunt Bev

    When Drew is in his second year of college and goes away you’ll be dancing the jig, until then take stock out in tissues.

    • I think it is clever how you specified the SECOND year of college. The first will likely be a nightmare – my little boy leaving home. Oh let’s not rush it, he just lost his two front teeth a couple of weeks ago. College can wait just a bit. 😉

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