Back to Life… Back to Reality

So that’s it.  Summer is over.  It was fleeting.

Typically I live up to Labor Day in denial that fall is upon us.  This year I have attempted to embrace the coming season. I have spent the last few weeks organizing, washing, folding, sorting and storing household items in preparation of the school season for about 2 weeks now.  My son has grown almost an inch and it is quite clear judging by the clothing that he has outgrown!

This summer has been one of the best that we have had in years.  The weather was so hot it and so sticky – it was wonderful.  I spent the summer with my boys almost exclusively.  I am going through a reclusive phase.

At the beginning of each season, I declare it is the one I love the best.  So this is why I shall affirm, for now, that autumn is my favorite season. 

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These are a few of my favorite fall things:  the crisp air, the taste of a New York Macintosh apple, hockey, carving pumpkins, snuggling on the couch on cool evenings when the days are so short, creamy homemade soups in freshly baked bread bowls, warm apple cider donuts, hoodies, the bristling of the leaves beneath your feet as you follow behind your child trick or treating, hot mulled cider, the vibrant colors on the landscape, apple picking, the routine, Columbus Day, sweaters, haunted hay rides, homemade apple pie,  the anticipation of Thanksgiving, and a new season of my favorite shows to watch with our good friends. 

Yet as I see the first hint of fall colors grazing the leaves, I do regret the passing of summer.  I will miss the hummingbirds.

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6 responses to “Back to Life… Back to Reality

  1. Tina

    …and don’t forget caramel apples. Ymmm.

  2. My favorite season, too. It’s that brief period of time where my favorite activities overlap: hockey season and roller coaster season.

  3. Rodney Garza

    By far my favorite season of the year…it means the end of a long Texas summer, and the holidays are soon to begin.

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