Ghost Hunters at the Broad Albin Hotel

As mentioned on my earlier blog, this is the place we visited to see my Uncle play. After the band concluded their set, we settled in the back of the place to play some pool and video games. We met with the owner who told us that there is great suspicion that this hotel is haunted. Ghost hunters has even called the owners to film the place.

After the crowd rolled out and we were there alone, I got an idea why this place is such a curiosity. So we played pool and had a good time, but as we left and took pictures we got the haunting feeling that seems to be the allure of the place. As you can see, the pictures we took had unexplained marks on them that Bridgette calls orbs.

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There are two chairs out front with no seat. I casually wondered if these were for the ghosts. This must be quite a place to spend the night.

I hope Ghost Hunters calls them back. I would love to know what they find.

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