Myspace saved my life

Ha ha.  Well, not really but it did improve it a great deal.  I prefer MySpace to Facebook and I cannot understand why I cannot take my 200+ Facebook friends with me. 

A few years back, my cousin set up a MySpace account for me.  As with any social media, I swore I would never use it and BAM! Before I knew it, I was addicted.  Now MySpace is cool – you can view a person’s page and listen to their music.  The coolest thing about it is that it connected me with my best friend, Bridgette.  Geography and time had separated us for too long.  For years I knew what state she lived in, but nothing more than that.   After our reunion on MySpace we started chatting on the phone when we realized that not much had changed between us on our little hiatus.  She still is the only person I can speak to on the telephone for more than 5 straight minutes. 

After we realized that we really missed each other, she planned a trip.  It was awesome.  Then she planned another.  It was even better.  I was on a blog vacation this past week because I was enjoying her third trip to New York.  It was so much fun.  So before I hit the books on my journey into my fall semester I plan to tell you about it.

We are a little bit nuts, so please don’t judge. 

On second thought, judge all you want, we don’t mind.  We kind of expect it.


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3 responses to “Myspace saved my life

  1. I too have a lot of friends who like MySpace more than Facebook. I think I prefer Facebook because it doesn’t allow the level of customization that MySpace does. This might seem strange, but on MySpace two things pushed my away from it. The first was the constant errors the site would generate. Almost everything I did caused an error. The second thing was people’s profiles that were so covered with music, color and glitter that even if you could get the page to load, it would stall internet explorer or lock it up, what with all the flashing animated applets and music and ads. And then then ones that did load were hard to read because of the clashing sharply contrasting backgrounds. And almost everyone I knew on there would get that crazy with their pages. I could’t take it anymore. It seemed more for kids to me, while Facebook seemed more oriented to adults. I would like more customization options for content, but the plain white/blue theme is fine with me. Maybe I am just getting too old! =P

  2. As we venture into the unknown future of Social Networking, who knows what remains to be? Google is rumored to soon be releasing a new Social Networking site that will make MySpace and Facebook obsolete. Do I believe that? No. But I do appreciate you open minded views on things and it’s nice to see someone with different views who can accept that others maybe different. If more people simply accepted that not everyone has to like the same things more people would get along in today’s society. Take care and good luck on your path to enlightenment.

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