Alicia’s TV Interview with Phil Bayly at WNYT

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the WNYT studios in Menands, New York to speak to Phil Bayly about my book, No Adult Left Behind.  This was great fun and was a big help in my quest to find the right publisher for my book.  Elaine Houston had referred me to him and he graciously asked me on his show. 

Please take a look:

What do you think?


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4 responses to “Alicia’s TV Interview with Phil Bayly at WNYT

  1. Vinny

    We watched this night before last on my phone while we laid in bed. It’s crucial that you know what we were doing at the time… Anyway, it’s the second interview I’ve watched where you were co-starring.

    It’s a great message. I have some questions for you, too. When should I call?

  2. You’re definitely making some good networking progress. You come across very well during the interview with a good mix of humor, personal reflection, and personality. Makes for a good interview, and hopefully will lead to future interviews!

    BTW… I noticed that you’ve got some very specific tagging in your post. I’m thinking that could be helpful when it comes to drawing people to your blog. Have you seen any results from that? (See… I’m learning from you even when you aren’t specifically sharing suggestions!)

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