Sh*t My Dad Says

I really love to read.  I frequent Barnes and Noble so often that some of the staff knows my son and I by name. 


On my last visit, I came across this book.  I read it in a couple of hours.  It is hysterically funny.   Justin Halpern wrote the book based on things that his father has said over the years.  Now, if you are offended by foul words, well then that really stinks, because you will have to get over that to read this book.  

And read it you should.  I would love to meet these two gentlemen.  I would like more people in the world to be like the father.  Someone who just says what is on his mind and doesn’t really give one hoot about what people think.  Imagine what the world would be like.  That’s a world I would love to live in.

When you read the book you can feel the love that the son and father have for each other.  That may not have been the point of the book, but it is one that cannot be missed. 

The very best part is that this 29-year-old guy was down on his luck just a year ago and now he is enjoying a “New York Times Best Seller’s” status.  What a difference a year makes. I love it when the good guys come out on top. 

I feel so glad that Justin Halpern shared this with us.  You have to read this book. It will make you laugh out loud until the people around you think you have lost your mind.

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4 responses to “Sh*t My Dad Says

  1. teag

    I so loved this book. Hysterical, cry your eyes funny… I think his father is actually my Mother!

  2. teag

    Oh and we should have meet at a playground with some Starbucks, let the kids run and we can catch up.. let me know!

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