Kindergarten Graduation Part II

The Kindergarten year progressed and we adapted to reading, homework, report cards, small arguments between friends at the school and we soon found out that Kindergarten was all-encompassing in our lives.   By February I began to long for summer vacation.  My poor son was working harder than he had ever before, and the teacher was amazing.  I loved her and we were blessed to have had her.  She didn’t show the exhaustion that I felt.

At Christmas there was a beautiful Christmas performance that the school put on.  When my son was up there, I had to fake a cough to cover the tears that kept creeping in my eyes.  These performances are so sweet.  By the Easter performance I stopped pretending and just let those happy tears flow.  Like every other parent I am sure I looked only at my child.  Later when we’d watch the video would I only notice that there were other children on the stage with him. 

In June the teacher began preparing for Kindergarten graduation. My son was so excited and wouldn’t tell me about it for it would ruin the surprise.  On the big day the children wore paper graduation caps and they recognized all of us who volunteered at the school throughout the year by mentioning our name and giving us a bookmark.  I cried like a fool through the whole darned ceremony.

When I speak to my girlfriend again she will laugh and give me that knowing look that she gave me long ago.  My views have changed on so many things since I have had my beautiful child.  I no longer think that these celebrations are unnecessary or repetitive.  My son worked hard this year.  He was proud of himself.  The school put on a beautiful ceremonious performance that day and as a family we left bonded and feeling on top of the world.  The demands of school become more vigorous each year. If there is an opportunity to celebrate the hard work that is expected of these kids each day we should seize it and enjoy it.  Any opportunity to build up a child should not be one that is missed.


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2 responses to “Kindergarten Graduation Part II

  1. Dierdre Petee

    How cute! These are the moments to treasure forever. Just love that YouTube allows us to share these special moments with friends and family all over the world (and perfect strangers too!).

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