Kindergarten Graduation – Part I

Years ago I had a conversation with a friend to whom I told I would not change much after having a child.  She reminds me of this from time to time.

I used to think that scholastic celebrations are completely redundant and unnecessary.  I felt that you celebrated one “graduation” – the real one when you completed 12th grade and MAYBE an 8th grade graduation.  

So we entered September 2009 by placing my son into Kindergarten in one of the finest schools I have the privilege of being associated with.  This adjustment was no small one for us.  I was quite used to having my son all to myself for all hours of the day and I was quite reluctant to share him with the school.  I also did not like the fact that it was an all day Kindergarten.

Let me stop right here and say that I am certified to teach grades 1-9 in the State of New York.  As an educator, I believe that all day Kindergarten helps the children acclimate to the demands of their future years.  I like the staggered approach best, where the pupils attend half day until Christmas break and upon their return they ease into a full day.  However with the school we selected had an all day Kindergarten.  For the first week my heart felt empty due to his absence immediately after I dropped him off.  I have a cool kid and I love him and I missed him something awful.

It turns out that we really weren’t prepared for the demands of Kindergarten.

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