The frustration of “seasonal” items in Wal-Mart

Last week it was extraordinarily hot here in upstate, New York.  This weather was so hot that I wanted to run from a body of water directly into air-conditioning, just so I could remind myself of what it feels like to have a chill. 

For a sweltering day of 97 degrees, we made a plan to be poolside – next to my son’s little pool.

I realized that I had left all of my beach towels at camp.  I made a quick run to Wal-Mart to buy a beach towel and a pair of swim shorts for the boy.  That was quite a frustrating trip.  It was the 17th of July, hotter than heck and there were no beach towels to be found in the place.  Why?  It is a seasonal item. 


Yes, you see if you need something while you are in the season that you need it, well then you are out of luck.  This particular Wal-Mart shipped all of their beach towels to a Southern store.  Now, if I’d like a deal on pencils or any other back to school items, I’d be in great luck.

Gosh, school just ended.  Are we always so far ahead of ourselves we can’t even live in the moment?  Does retail help us perpetuate this madness?

I can’t pretend to understand the retail mentality.  I am sure that smart minds are at work laying out the seasonal plan and that somewhere it makes good sense.  For me, on July 17th on a 90+ degree day, not being able to buy a swim suit or a beach towel was perplexing.   

Thank you, Wal-Mart. This time you did live up to your motto, “Save Money, Live Better” because we used a bath towel and an old pair of swim shorts and had a great day. 


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6 responses to “The frustration of “seasonal” items in Wal-Mart

  1. Melissa

    HAAAAAAA. You are a riot…you did save money. I too am perplexed. Just last week we were in need of some lounge chairs…and guess what, nothing at any local Walmart stores!!! And certainly not at Target because they too have a fully stocked back to school section. Now I am admittedly compulsive about being over prepared for certain occasions but I do REFUSE to speed up the process of securing the back to school supply list! Long live summer vacation. So there!

    • Isn’t that crazy! As the woman was showing me the 19 cent one subject notebooks, I was silently wondering if I could buy one, tape 12 pages together and use that as a beach towel. She was nice enough – but had the wrong audience. I agree – LIVE LONG SUMMER VACATION. It is already going by too fast.

  2. Bev

    I feel your pain. I also last week went looking for a new lounge float for our pool, well 5 stores later I found one. THE LAST ONE, but if your in the mood to buy some new Halloween deco’s, the Dollar Tree has plenty out on dispay. Happy Halloween Alcia. What’s today’s date? Oh ya July 20th. Next week I should put up my Xmas tree.Don’t want to fall behind……

  3. Shannon Diamond

    We had a fantastic day 🙂

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