Realigning my stars

Did you ever have one of those times in your life when everything happens to you all at once?  It starts with something big, like a sickness or a loss of a job – something that is practically life changing and hard to deal with.  Then before you know it, the car breaks down, the roof leaks, your lawn mower breaks, your family has a feud, your dog gets sick, and your kid gets sick… on and on and on. 

So you think what else could possibly happen?  You then ask the question, “Dear God, what else could possibly happen?”  A word of advice – don’t ask this question.  God will answer it for you and give you another half a dozen crisis’s to handle in rapid succession. Until something trivial happens and you finally break.

I am just starting to get out of that mode.  Finally, finally.

I was in good company.  In the midst of the second (two of three) mechanical problem of the holiday weekend, a good friend looked at me and said, “Seems like none of our stars are aligned.”  He sure was right.  At least I wasn’t alone – and having that pointed out to me was a little ray of “Sunshine”.   🙂

It just makes me wonder about how things happen all at once.  I started thinking about negative energy and how it attracts more negative energy.  I wonder if when one bad thing happens, we get ourselves in a brood and then we become a satellite dish receptor of sorts for more annoying things to happen. 

Just a thought.

It’s time to paint my satellite dish a bright cheery yellow.  I hear it takes a lot of paint to cover black, so I’d better get to work.


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11 responses to “Realigning my stars

  1. Melissa

    Oh my goodness Alicia, I bet everyone who reads this post will relate to your misaligned stars. There’s a million and one sayings that some may share that seem appropriate for these span of time when it just does keep going downhill. Here’s mine for a total of one million and three: “This too shall pass” and my favorite : “It is what it is”. As always you find the bright side and move ever forward. I love yellow. It is a happy color. Paint away!!!!

    • You are so right – it is what it is. Nothing can last forever. So just hold your breath and hang on! There has been something beautiful that got me through and that is your friendship.

  2. Vinny

    Momma said there’d be days like this.

    I’ve always found solace in that God will not give you more than you can handle. He will give you a LOT but not too much. In the end, you’ve realized that you are capable, tougher than the situations themselves, and hopefully you walk away knowing that no matter what happens in life you will be able to keep on with it.

    My parents went through he’ll and I remember it. I know from them that life isn’t easy and it isn’t free or fair. Maybe that’s why I do some things the way I do them.

    Your positive attitude is the 1st and best step. No room for negativity and I, for one, need to remind myself of this more often.

    Thanks for the reminder. Time to move out and draw fire!

    • Vinny – it is so cool that you are responding. I am so glad for that. You know, you bring a great point. If it weren’t for the bad times how would we know the good ones?

  3. Bev

    I never ask GOD what’s next? I just figure he’s testing me. My question is, whens the final exam?, so I can study for it first. Don’t want to fail and get him angry with me. Love ya.

  4. You are a hoot Aunt Bev! You have a great way of looking at things. I love you too. I miss the heck out of you. Time to fish at the dilly of a camp.

  5. Dierdre Petee

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! 🙂 Good thing you’ve had your share of challenges in your life, because you are already one incredibly strong woman! Stay positive Ali! You are such a wonderful person… all that great karma will come back to you BIG TIME!

  6. I think you’re right…when bad things start to happen and we get in a funk, it just attracts more bad things.

    I loved the picture of the sunflower receiver dish!

    Good post!

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