Grandmaster funk

I am in a funk.  I am not too thrilled with school right now either.  I know, this sounds really hypocritical of me.  I wrote a book about going back to school as an adult.  It is my life’s mission to inspire adults to do it too, and here I am complaining. 

Like everything else in life, not all days can be good.  Today is one of those days.  See, I should be done with the summer semester.  I have two projects to finish.  I had to ask both of my professors for extensions on these projects.  So while my classmates are free and clear, I am chained to this desk.  My son and husband just went to the park.  It is gorgeous outside.  GRRRRR… 

My heart has not been into it this semester.  Did you ever have a couple of bad weeks?  When you have a couple of bad weeks in the middle of a 6 week semester, well you have a bad semester.  That’s the problem with summer sessions. There is absolutely no forgiveness.  One missed class, a missed project could sink the whole affair. 

I am trying to take my own advice.  I am two projects away from being free from the summer.  I’d better just get to it.

Got to dunk the funk.  Funk a dunk, dunk.


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6 responses to “Grandmaster funk

  1. I think this is good that you wrote about some of your struggles. I went back to school as an adult. While there are advantages in going back in an adult, there are also struggles that those going out of high school don’t experience. Spouse, children, and employment come to mind.

  2. Ahmnodt thank you for the response. I hesitate to put the struggles out there sometimes – it is like wearing your heart on your sleeve. But it is real and some days can be very hard. I had a tough time this semester and I just felt like sharing. From your very understanding response, you know first hand how hard it can be. I would love to hear more about your experience as an adult student if you would like to share.

  3. I worked second shift for a security firm. I had to work a double-shift the night before I had two Finals because my relief did not show up for work.
    Going from school to work and then back to school was taxing. I fared well on my first test (Statistics), but I kept nodding off during the second test (Human Resources Management) and ended up with a 73 in a class where my previous lowest test score was 98.

  4. Thank you for sharing that story. It really speaks of the dedication that you had for school. There is the old saying that 90% of success is just showing up. And by showing up for your HRM exam, you at least got a 73 instead of an F. It sounds to me that you were very displeased with such a grade. I understand that too. As an adult student, I am suddenly obsessed with A’s. I find that to be common with adult students. Were you sucessful in your pursuit of a degree?

  5. Dr. Jeannette K. Jones


    Taking a summer session can really put us to the test. While it seems everyone is enjoying activities and the joys of the season, we are stuck with due dates and research requirements. I, too, have a family that want me to stop everything and join them. I feel guilty if I do and if I don’t. What really worked for me was to create a realistic schedule so that I could do both (and my full-time job). The key for me was focusing on one element at a time. Since I wanted to enjoy my family first, (as a cancer survivor family time is very important) I made sure that meals were family time. I work from my home so was able to layer the time between the meals with children and work. Then I spent 2 hours after dinner on school work , took a break to put the children to bed, spent some quiet time with my husband, and then one more look at school work before bed. I just keep reminding myself that school is also a priority because ultimately it IS for my family. Keep the faith :).

    Dr. Jeannette K. Jones, RCC
    Professor/Lead Faculty
    American InterContinental University (AIU)
    Main Campus

    • Dr. Jones, thank you so much for responding. You really provided some great tips. It is important for each of us to realize that we are doing this not only for ourselves but also for the greater good of our family. Thank you so much for pointing that out. I like how you added your personal experiences. It must be a great feeling to be a cancer survivor – congratulations. As a cancer survivor you remind each of us about the true value of what takes first priority, and that is time with family. I do hope you will check in from time to time as your comments and experience is really wonderful to read about.

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