Online Romance?

As I read and think about social media, I wonder if it encourages romance.  Either in the workplace or personally.  I must admit when social media started the online dating and romantic chats seemed a bit of a crazy notion.  Now however as we get more used to using facebook, twitter and blogs it seems natural that relationships will be cultivated online.   

Online relationships give you a way to get to know another person in a relatively safe environment, your own home. Or wherever you use your computer. If you are smart enough about it, you can keep all of your personal information to yourself until you get to know the person well enough to trust giving more.  Although in this day and age where there are Google maps and addresses online you’d have to be super careful.  The “hunk” that you just found on facebook could turn out to be Hannibal Lecter.  He could just as easily Google your name and show up at your door.  YIKES. 

I have friends who are in happy relationships that started online and I think that is pretty cool.  When you think about it, aren’t we just using the internet in the same way that we used to use the telephone?  When I started dating my husband, I saw him in school; we went one time and then spent a great deal of time on the telephone getting to know each other.

As I was reading SocialCorp, I started thinking about how office romances could be cultivated in that same way, because now employees have an acceptable venue to develop these relationships.  It seems like breeding ground for sexual harassment cases to explode – but that is just the paranoid HR person inside of me speaking.  With so many companies having an online community, does the instances of office romance increase?

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